Set blank home page for browser on HTC mobile phone

It is annoying if every time you start the web browser and a page you don’t like opens automatically. I have the HTC One X9 which is powered by Android 6.0. There is an issue with the stock web browser, not the Chrome for me, on the mobile phone. When I go to the internet the HTC official site loads automatically. I prefer the blank home page loads when I open a web browser or a new tab in the browser. However my HTC phone doesn’t seem to have the option to set a blank page as the startup page or home page. If you have the same problem, you can try workaround below.

Open the stock Browser on your HTC phone, tap the Menu button (three horizontal lines at the bottom) to show the menu items. Select Settings >> Setting Start Page >> Customize Homepage. Here you have to enter the URL address of the home page or start page for the web browser. You can’t leave it blank. If you want to set a blank home page for the browser, you can simply enter about:blank, then Save.

set blank homepage or start page for stock browser on htc mobile phone