Set or change default app on Huawei phone

Do you want to set your favorite app to open some file types on Huawei phone? Is the wrong app launching when you open some files on the phone? If you try to open a file on Huawei and other Android powered smartphones, the Android system will look for an app on the device that can do the job. If you have more than one app can open the file, the Android system will ask you which app you prefer to use. You can select the default app to use now. Also you can head to the system settings to configure, change or set the default app associated with certain file types. In fact, the same method works across different Android smartphones. You can refer to this guide to change default apps on Xiaomi & Redmi phones. Check out more details below.

Set default app on Huawei phone – method 1

The easiest way to set a default app for some file type is to open one file of this type from Files or other app on Huawei phone, you will then get a dialog with all compatible apps installed on the phone. See below screenshot.

select app to open file with - set default app on huawei phone.

From the above Open With window, tap to select the app which you like to set as the default app for the selected file type, then touch Always to let the select app to open files of the same type in the future.

Change default app on Huawei phone – method 2

if you have already set a default app for certain file type and want to change a new app to open files of this type, you need to head to the Settings on the Huawei phone to change a new default app.

Open Settings on your Huawei phone, select Apps & notifications > Default apps, you will then see a very long list of all kinds of file types on your phone. Here you can choose a different app to make phone calls, send messages, take photos, manage pictures, play music, send emails, browse the internet, open Word documents, open Excel documents, open PPT, open Text documents, and so on.

set, change default apps on huawei phone

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