Set ringtones on Samsung Galaxy Mobile

Samsung Galaxy mobile phones offer users a lot of options to customize their cell phones. If you want to personalize your phone, ringtones for incoming call is one of the settings you should change. Ringtones customization could be a lot of fun, see this tutorial to turn voice recordings to ringtones on Samsung mobile phone. If you do not like the default ringtone on Samsung and want to change a new ringtone, this article is just for you. Note that we will be using a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime in the demo, however below instructions can be applied to many different Samsung Galaxy mobile phone models.

How to change ringtones on Samsung Galaxy phones?

Samsung mobile phones would always come with a lot of ringtones for your choice. If you like to change a new ringtone for calls on Samsung, you can go to the Sound settings on Samsung Galaxy phone from Settings >> Device >> Sound. This is the place you can find settings for ringtones and alerts for most Samsung Galaxy phones.

sound settings for samsung galaxy grand prime
From the Sound settings screen, tap Ringtones to set ringtones for incoming calls and notifications on Samsung Galaxy mobile phones.
set ringtones for calls and notifications on samsung galaxy grand prime
Your Samsung device should firstly display a list of all available ringtones that are pre-installed. Tap on a new ringtone here to play and listen. If you like the new ringtone, you can touch the OK button to set it as the new default ringtone for your phone calls on Samsung phone.
add, change, activate ringtones on samsung galaxy grand prime

How to add ringtones to Samsung mobile phones?

Except the system ringtones, Samsung users can also choose to download ringtones, transfer ringtones from computer to Samsung, use songs as ringtones, use call recordings as ringtones, use voice recordings as ringtones, etc. If you like to make ringtones by yourself, you can refer to this tutorial to convert music or videos to ringtones for Samsung. After that, connect your phone to computer via USB, and copy the ringtones from computer to Samsung phone. To activate custom ringtones on Samsung Galaxy phones, you can repeat above steps until you see the list of system ringtones on Samsung, then instead of choosing system ringtones, you need to tap the Add button from the bottom to open a screen like below. From here you can choose songs, voice recordings, call recordings, downloaded ringtones or music, add them as ringtones to Samsung Galaxy phones and finally activate custom ringtones as new default ringtones.
add ringtones to samsung galaxy grand prime

2 thoughts on “Set ringtones on Samsung Galaxy Mobile”

  1. Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxie ACE. I am trying to use my voice as an incoming call ringtone, following your instructions, I can not see how to do this on my phone. Is it too old and it won’t accept a voice ringtone ?appreciate your comments and assistance advice. Paul

    1. the settings and screenshots may differ across various phone model, android versions, or the samsung UI(Touch Wiz) versions. the basic process should apply. basically you have two ways to set a voice/audio recording as custom ringtone on Samsung mobile phone. the first one is to jump into the Settings >> Sound >> Ringtones to add a new ringtone as mentioned in the above article. alternatively you can also open the Voice Recorder app on the Samsung phone, select the recorded voice first, then head to the settings and choose the Set as option to set it as ringtone. check out this guide to set voice recordings as ringtones on Samsung phone with detailed explanation and screenshots.

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