Set a song as ringtone on HTC phone

Do you want to setup your personal ringtone on the phone? HTC phones accept custom ringtones. You can make your own ringtones using your favorite music or sound recordings. On your HTC mobile phone, you can go to Settings > Sound & notification > Incoming calls > Ringtone, then select ringtone from your Music library. An easier way would be pick a song from your Music library and directly set it as your ringtone or as ringtone for a favorite contact. See detailed steps with screenshots below.

Transfer music files from computer to HTC

If the song you like to set as ringtone is saved on your computer, you need to transfer it to your phone first. Otherwise you can just skip this step. You can transfer music files through USB connection, email, Bluetooth, etc. You can firstly pair HTC mobile phone with PC via Bluetooth, then send music files from PC to HTC mobile via Bluetooth.

Email serves as a great tool when you want to send small files from computer to mobile or between mobile phones. If no email account configured on the phone yet, you can follow this guide to add Yahoo mail to HTC phone, just as an example.

For bulk files sharing, we highly recommend transfer files to Android phone through portable hotspot. The mobile hotspot or personal hotspot transfer is much faster than Bluetooth and email. You can even send HD movies between your devices via the hotspot technology.

How to set a song as ringtone on HTC mobile?

Run Music app on your HTC phone, switch to the Songs tab, play the song you like to set as new ringtone. Tap the three vertical dots icon to expand the drop down menu and then choose Set as ringtone. You will then get a pop-up menu with three items: Phone ringtone, Contact ringtone and Trim the ringtone. Choose Phone ringtone to set the music as new ringtone for all incoming calls, or choose Contact ringtone, then choose the contacts you want to set the custom ringtone for.

set a song as ringtone on htc mobile phone

Want to trim a part of the source music and set it as the ringtone? Please read on.

Trim ringtones on HTC mobile

Once the song is opened in the Ringtone Trimmer on HTC phone, drag the trim sliders to the part where you want the ringtone to begin and end. A song should typically be 30-seconds in length. Play the selected part of the song, and adjust the starting or ending point of the song if need. Finally tap the Set as button, then choose either Phone ringtone or Contact ringtone and follow the on-screen tips to complete.

htc ringtone trimmer

Note that HTC phone can only help you trim music files in certain formats, such as MP3, AAC. If you can’t find the option to trim ringtone on HTC mobile, most likely your music file is in other format.In this case, you can choose to convert the music to MP3 or other compatible format first or trim the music using a third party audio editor.

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