How to set a song as ringtone on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime?

Except system ringtones, your Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime also allow you to add custom ringtones, could them be songs you have downloaded, sound tracks ripped from DVD movies, audio files extracted from videos, voice and sound recordings on Samsung phone, etc. There are mainly three different ways you can add custom ringtones on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime mobile phone. Check out details below.

Important tips:

  • There are two different types of ringtones on the phone. One is the ringtone for all incoming calls, the other is the ringtones for specific callers or contacts;
  • Screens and settings may vary by carriers, wireless service providers and software version. So you may see the difference across different Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime mobile phones.

Set a song as ringtone on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

All your songs, audios, sound recordings can be found in the stock Music app on the phone and you can directly choose a music file and add it as a new ringtone on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. This is the easiest way to set a song as ringtone on your phone.

Tap Apps on your home screen, then launch the Music app. The Tracks tab opens by default. Find the song you like to add to custom ringtone, touch to play it in full screen. In the music playing screen, touch the Menu button (three dots) at the top right corner. A drop-down menu displays on your phone screen. Choose Set as item, then select Phone ringtone, touch Done button, the selected music track will be added to your ringtones list along with system ringtones and other existing custom ringtones you may have. And the music will be activated as the current ringtone automatically on your Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime.

set song as ringtone in music app on samsung galaxy grand prime

On the above Set as screen, you also have the option to choose Caller ringtone, then pick up the contact and set it as the new ringtone for the selected caller or contact on your Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime mobile phone.

Create a custom ringtone from Settings

You can also jump into the Settings on your Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime and add custom ringtones from there. To do that, touch Apps >> Settings >> Sound >> Ringtones. Here you can see two items: Ringtones for incoming calls and Notifications. Touch Ringtones, you’ll then see the long list of all existing ringtones on your Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. Scroll down to the very bottom and touch Add button. The audio picker opens, select the music file you want to set as the new ringtone, finally touch Done button to complete.

add custom ringtone to samsung galaxy grand prime

Assign a personal ringtone on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

A caller ringtone makes it easier to identity a caller. For example, you can create a custom ringtone and assign it to your wife or girl friend, husband or girl friend, so when he/she calls, you will instantly know it is a phone call from the one you love without even looking at your phone’s screen. At the first beginning we demonstrated how you can set a song as ringtone on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. You already know how to set a custom ringtone for all incoming calls or specific callers using your own music, song, voice recording. Other than that, you can also assign a personal ringtone from the Contacts app on Set a song as ringtone on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime mobile. Touch the Apps on your Samsung phone, find and run Contacts app, select the contact you want to set a special ringtone for, then edit it. Select Ringtone >> Add ringtone to assign a custom ringtone to the selected contact using your local music, sounds or voice recordings stored on your mobile phone.

3 thoughts on “How to set a song as ringtone on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime?”

  1. I want to add a custom ringtone for sim 1 and dim 2 but right at bottom of list it gives me option for add from device storage which opens up google drive and I don’t have music in there. How do I change it so that it opens up in music list which used to happen?

    1. by default, when you tap the add option to select music as ringtone, you should see a ‘Complete action using’ dialogue with a list of compatible apps on your mobile phone, such as Music, Audio, Google Play Music, etc. If it opens the google drive directly, most likely you have set google drive as the default app for this action. in such case, you can try to clear the defaults of the google drive. see more details from this guide to clear default app settings on Samsung phone.

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