How to set a song as your ringtone on Xiaomi Redmi phones?

Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones come with a dozen of ringtones by default. If you like to change default ringtone on Xiaomi Redi, or use your voice recordings or music as ringtone on Xiaomi and Redmi, this guide is just for you. In this guide, we will show you three different ways to change ringtones on Xiaomi Redmi phones.

quotation markNote: The steps above were written for MIUI V6, based on Android 5.0.2 on a Redmi Note 2. You may see some difference for other MIUI/Android versions.

#1. How to change default ringtones on Xiaomi Redmi?

You can run the Settings app on Xiaomi and Redmi phones, then go to Sound >> Phone Ringtone to change a new ringtone on the phone.

xiaomi redmi sound and phone ringtone setting

Your pre-loaded ringtones on Xiaomi or Redmi will then be displayed. You can select any ringtones from there to personalize your phone’s sound or alerts. If you do not like those system ringtones, Xiaomi Redmi also allows you to use your own song/music as a ringtone or you can use the Recorder app on the phone to record any sound, voice or music as ringtones, check out details below.

#2. How to set music and recordings as ringtones on Xiaomi Redmi?

Here are the easy steps on how to do that:

  • On your Xiaomi or Redmi mobile, tap Settings > General Settings > Sound > Phone ringtone
  • You will open the Select tone screen, tap Browse button at the bottom of this screen.


add new ringtones to xiaomi redmi phones


Another Select tone screen opens which will let you add voice recordings or music songs as ringtones on Xiaomi Redmi mobile phones.

select tone voice recorder or music player on xiaomi redmi

From the above screen, you will be able to select Recorder app, then choose and set voice recordings as ringtones on Xiaomi or select Music player app, then choose and set music songs as ringtones on Xiaomi Redmi.

choose a song music as ringtone for xiaomi redmi

#3. How to set a song as ringtone on Xiaomi Redmi ? — Easier way

You can actually set a music as ringtone from the Music player app on Xiaomi or Redmi. Launch the Music app, select My Music, choose All songs or Offline, browse to the songs, albums or folders, find the song and play it. When you are playing the select song in Music app, there will be a minimized bar at the bottom of the screen, tap on it to enlarge it to full screen, see below screenshot.

set a song in music app as ringtone on xiaomi redmi phone

Tap the More (three dots …) button to display options you can manage the select music, including Share, Delete, and so on. There will be a ‘Set as ringtone‘ from the list. Touch it to set a song in Music app as ringtone on your Xiaomi or Redmi phone.

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  2. I’m using Redmi 3SPrime with MIUI 8.1 – I want to know how to put different notification sounds for different installed apps eg., Yahoo mail, Gmail, Whatsapp, Viber, etc. Pls help. Thanks

    1. as far as I know there are two ways you can do that. you can download and use a third party app notification sound management app to set custom notification sounds for each app on your phone. In fact, many app should already have the settings or option you can customize it notification sound. For example, for WhatsApp on Android phone, you can run WhatsApp, then touch the three dots icon at the top right corner, choose Settings from the drop-down menu, touch Notifications, you can then change the message notifications, group notifications, call notifications and so on. And I can also find this feature on Viber, WeChat on my Android phone. I do not use the yahoo or gmail app, you can try your luck.

      1. hey i tried setting a ringtone using the custom notification on whats app, I chose a tone from my sd card,i was able to set it but it did not play. like i am able to hear the tone while setting it, but as soon as I am done and receive a text from the particular contact for which i have set custom notification, it plays the default tone, it happens with my other phone which is of intex, whereas it works fine on my motorola phone, why is it happening?can this problem be solved coz i would really love to set different tones of my choice on some particular contact. do you have any idea?can you help me?

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