set up gmail on ipad miniGoogle email help you to access email from anywhere at any time if you have Internet connection on your mini iPad. You can follow bellow easy steps to set up Gmail on your iPad mini.Before you going to add Gmail account to your iPad iPhone or mobile phones, you need to make sure to have IMAP or POP enabled, otherwise you will not be able to setup Gmail on your mobile devices. You can find the instructions to enable Gmail IMAP & POP access and download from the tips section at the bottom of this guide.

Setting Up Gmail on iPad mini

Step 1. Launch the Settings app on the home screen of mini ipad.

Step 2. Tap on “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” option.

Step 3. Tap on “Add Account” option, you will see a screen with all email services like below.

setup gmail on ipad mini

Step 4. Choose “Google” from the available email types list. It is a default email option on your mini iPad.

Step 5. Fill up the “Name”, “Email”, “Password”, and “Description” fields and save.

input gmail username password on ipad

Be sure to use your full Gmail address that ends with ‘’

Step 6. Tap on Next button on the top right corner, you will then have the options to sync mail, contacts, calendars, notes from Gmail to iPad. You can enable or disable any item you like to sync or not to sync. from below screen.

sync gmail mail contacts calendars notes to ipad
Step 7. Tap on the “Save” button, the mail app on iPad mini should be synced with your Gmail server immediately.

More Gmail Configuration on iPad Tips

  • To add additional Gmail accounts to your iPad mini you can repeat the same steps above.
  • If you can’t set up Gmail on iPad, Gmail server can’t verify your credentails if you have input the correct full Gmail username and password, you can log on your Gmail from a web browser on computer, go to Gmail Settings page >> Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab, you can then enable IMAP for your Gmail from there. Normally your Gmail will be set up as IMAP mail on your iPad, you do not need to turn on POP unless you like to manually configure Gmail as POP mail on your iPad. See below screenshot.
    enable pop imap for gmail
  • For many popular email service and accounts like Google email, Yahoo! Mail, AOL email, iPad mini will enter most of the settings for you. That’s very convenient. When setting up the email account, you can choose which email services you want to use on you iPad mini.
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24 thoughts on “Setting Up Gmail on iPad mini

  1. Ray Cosyn

    How can I get my gmail to full screen view in the horizontal position eliminating the listing just showing the actual email?

  2. miruet klochkow

    I wont open niew account in gmail

    • Matt

      can you please specify the problem a bit?

  3. Cookie

    I have no problem getting my mail but there is no sign in or log off my mini iPad all my mail just opens up with no password. Is there a setting for log in log out?

    • Matt

      The email account password is only required when you setting up the mail account on iPad. After that the Mail app for iPad will remember the email username and password so the next time you can directly open your email account on iPad without the need to manually input username or password any more. iPad does not have a setting to manually log in or out an existing email account. You should add a passcode to lock your iPad so you do not need to worry about unauthorized access to your emails. If you want another layer of security in the email, you may search other third party mail apps or clients for iPad.

  4. Marcus Vaz

    I just purchased an ipad mini 4 in Zurich and I’m settingup the ipad in English (I’m from India)
    When setting up my Gmail account, after entering my email id and password, the system prompts me with German instructions.
    How do I get these to display in English

    • Matt

      what’s your system language setting in the iPad mini 4, english or else?
      Do you have this problem when setting up another email account, like yahoo mail, outlook mail, hotmail?
      You can proceed to setup Gmail account on iPad mini, and then see what’s the final language to be of your Gmail account in Mail app on iPad.

  5. Rita


    My send and receive emails stopped coming in suddenly,what can I do to retrieve them?

    • Matt

      Sometimes there could be a network issue, so it might be back and up again by itself soon. You can try to delete the email account on your iPad, and add it back again see if any help. If still no luck, you can also contact your email service provider see if any problem on the mail server.

  6. C

    I hope it works itself out. Just installed the yahoo app too. Will see if that works.

    • Matt

      The mail and the app, both from Yahoo, i think they should work well together.

  7. C

    Sometimes I’m waiting for an important email and I used to just listen out for the sound while I’m working. I won’t think or have time to stop what I’m doing to log into each account and check for mail. Old dog new tricks. It’s got to be the latest iThings that is causing this..the old stuff has no problem. I forgot to check the Gmail app. I’ll try that Monday. Thx

  8. C

    Correct- older iPad could send/receive email using school’s network. I have,,,,, a couple from domains I own. NONE of those accounts will send OR receive email while I am on the school’s network. We use Aerohive access points. I do believe iPhone 6 has same problem. I narrowed it down to Aerohive access point combined with ipad mini 3 or iPhone 6.
    The ONLY email account that will send and receive on the school’s network is the school’s email- office365. I leave ipad mini 3 on my desk all day..I can get online, but no email (except work/school email). When I get to my car, turn hotspot on, BOOM – 50 emails come in.

    • Matt

      if this issue happen to all gmail, yahoo mail, iCloud email…despite which device you use, then they might be blocked by the school’s network. If this is true, you should not be able to access these emails using the mail app on your old iPad neither. A workaround would be logging on these emails from Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad.

  9. C

    My iPad mini 3 will not send/receive email when I am on my work network. My ld iPad worked fine, my email works fine from other networks. I work at a school. What needs to be tweaked?

    • Matt

      Do you mean the same email account works on old iPad but not iPad mini in your school network? Which email account do you have, an Gmail, Hotmail or else?

  10. bill krieger

    I have a gmail account and password but I am trying to set it up on iPad mini. I did tap the enable IMAP button but each time I try to finish the setup I get a message that the password is incorrect even though it works on the computer. What next? Does everyone have this much trouble? I seem to see a lot of questions from other people having similar problems.

  11. Barry

    I’m trying to set up a gmail address on my iPad mini. I enter the required details – name, account name, password – and then press “next”. I get a notice that the details are wrong. How can they be wrong when I have just created them? Hrlp

    • Matt

      Hi Barry,
      Please double check see if you have IMAP for your Gmail enabled. I have updated this guide which instructions to enable IMAP for Gmail above. Please scroll up to the “More Gmail Configuration on iPad Tips” section, you can find details there. Please go to enable IMAP from Gmail settings, then follow instructions above to add Gmail to your iPad again see if any help.

  12. jennifer d

    When trying to set up my gmail account it stats my password is incorrect, yet I can log in on the computer and my phone and it works just fine. What am i doing wrong?

    • Matt

      Hi jennifer,
      Have you enable IMAP for your Gmail? If not, you can go to enable it from Gmail settings, then try to add Gmail to your iPad again see if any help. I have updated this guide which instructions to enable IMAP for Gmail above. Please scroll up to the “More Gmail Configuration on iPad Tips” section, you can find details there.

  13. Jan Blake

    It would appear that there is no facility to set up a ‘group’ contact on Gmail on iPad Mini . This is a real obstacle for me and needs to be addressed.

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