How to set up email on iPad mini?

set up email on iPad miniJust get a new iPad mini? The first thing you may want to do with it is probably add your email accounts to it. Setting up email accounts on iPad mini is simple. If you know how to handle the email configuration on other iOS devices such as an iPhone, iPod touch or other iPad models, you should have no difficulty to set up emails on iPad mini.

The Mail app on iPad mini provides you the easy workflows to set up email accounts such as Yahoo! Mail, Google email, AOL, as well as other industry-standard POP3 and IMAP email services.

There are different ways to set up email accounts on iPad mini though. You can sync email accounts and settings in iTunes app from your computer or set up email accounts with the Mail app on the mini iPad.

To setup email accounts on iPad mini directly

    • 1. Tap Settings app from the home screen of your mini iPad.
    • Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars from the iPad mini settings, then tap on Add Account

add new email account to ipad mini

    • 2. Select your email account type, such as hotmail, yahoo mail, gmail, aol. Tap Other if your account type is not listed.

select email type on ipad

  • 3. Enter your mail account information and tap Save. Mail app for iOS can enter most email account configuration info automatically. Otherwise, you will be prompted for any additional settings.
  • 4. Once your email account information is saved, you can start sending and receiving email.

If you use one of the popular email service such as Hotmail, AOL mail, Gmail, you can refer to these guides for the specific instructions made for these email services.

The email setup on iPad mini is easy. However if you meet any trouble with it, take a look at below step-by-step guides.

Email setup on iPad mini Tips

  • 1. Internet connection is required to setup email accounts on iPad mini as your iPad will need to log on the email servers to verify your account info and download email, etc. So double check make sure you can surf the internet in advance.
  • 2. To configure additional accounts, you can tap Settings app, go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars, then tap Add Account.
  • 3. How to Setup POP Mail on iPad?
  • 4. How to Setup IMAP Mail on iPad?

Still have trouble sending or receiving emails on iPad? Check out what other iPad users talking about in the comment section below or leave us a message there!

54 thoughts on “How to set up email on iPad mini?”

  1. Do you have experience with Incredimail? My email program on my desktop PC is Incredimail 2.0
    I recently purchased an ipad mini 2. I’ve set up email with the help of Eastlink (who I have my internet with) but have no mail on my ipad mini. I think I need to configure the email, but have tried everything that I’ve read. I thought that maybe I need to download it on my ipad mini, but when I talked to Incredimail support …. they say I don’t need to download it on the ipad mini…just configure it. This morning my mail button on my ipad said I had 5 emails, but when I clicked on it there was nothing and the 5 indicator was gone. There are no emails in my Eastlink account when I go to webmail I think my email is coming into Eastlink webmail and then shortly afterwards transferring into my Incredimail account which I see on my PC, but nothing goes to my ipad…..I’m totally baffled 🙁

    1. I am not familiar with Incredimail. It seems Incredimail offer free email service and there is a free Incredimail app on Apple App Store. If so, you should be able to set up Incredimail email account with the stock Mail app on iPad or download and use any third party email apps on iPad, like the Incredimail app or other third party email apps.
      By default the Mail app on iPad will allow you to set up an email account via the IMAP protocol so your emails will be synced across all other devices including your PC, iPad and the webmail. Finding out your email IMAP settings may help you configure the email account properly on iPad.

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