set up email on iPad miniJust get a new iPad mini? The first thing you may want to do with it is probably add your email accounts to it. Setting up email accounts on iPad mini is simple. If you know how to handle the email configuration on other iOS devices such as an iPhone, iPod touch or other iPad models, you should have no difficulty to set up emails on iPad mini.

The Mail app on iPad mini provides you the easy workflows to set up email accounts such as Yahoo! Mail, Google email, AOL, as well as other industry-standard POP3 and IMAP email services.

There are different ways to set up email accounts on iPad mini though. You can sync email accounts and settings in iTunes app from your computer or set up email accounts with the Mail app on the mini iPad.

To setup email accounts on iPad mini directly

    • 1. Tap Settings app from the home screen of your mini iPad.
    • Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars from the iPad mini settings, then tap on Add Account

add new email account to ipad mini

    • 2. Select your email account type, such as hotmail, yahoo mail, gmail, aol. Tap Other if your account type is not listed.

select email type on ipad

  • 3. Enter your mail account information and tap Save. Mail app for iOS can enter most email account configuration info automatically. Otherwise, you will be prompted for any additional settings.
  • 4. Once your email account information is saved, you can start sending and receiving email.

If you use one of the popular email service such as Hotmail, AOL mail, Gmail, you can refer to these guides for the specific instructions made for these email services.

The email setup on iPad mini is easy. However if you meet any trouble with it, take a look at below step-by-step guides.

Email setup on iPad mini Tips

  • 1. Internet connection is required to setup email accounts on iPad mini as your iPad will need to log on the email servers to verify your account info and download email, etc. So double check make sure you can surf the internet in advance.
  • 2. To configure additional accounts, you can tap Settings app, go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars, then tap Add Account.
  • 3. How to Setup POP Mail on iPad?
  • 4. How to Setup IMAP Mail on iPad?

Still have trouble sending or receiving emails on iPad? Check out what other iPad users talking about in the comment section below or leave us a message there!

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54 thoughts on “How to set up email on iPad mini?

  1. Judy Elliott

    Do you have experience with Incredimail? My email program on my desktop PC is Incredimail 2.0
    I recently purchased an ipad mini 2. I’ve set up email with the help of Eastlink (who I have my internet with) but have no mail on my ipad mini. I think I need to configure the email, but have tried everything that I’ve read. I thought that maybe I need to download it on my ipad mini, but when I talked to Incredimail support …. they say I don’t need to download it on the ipad mini…just configure it. This morning my mail button on my ipad said I had 5 emails, but when I clicked on it there was nothing and the 5 indicator was gone. There are no emails in my Eastlink account when I go to webmail I think my email is coming into Eastlink webmail and then shortly afterwards transferring into my Incredimail account which I see on my PC, but nothing goes to my ipad…..I’m totally baffled 🙁

    • Matt

      I am not familiar with Incredimail. It seems Incredimail offer free email service and there is a free Incredimail app on Apple App Store. If so, you should be able to set up Incredimail email account with the stock Mail app on iPad or download and use any third party email apps on iPad, like the Incredimail app or other third party email apps.
      By default the Mail app on iPad will allow you to set up an email account via the IMAP protocol so your emails will be synced across all other devices including your PC, iPad and the webmail. Finding out your email IMAP settings may help you configure the email account properly on iPad.

  2. kevin green

    How do I delete an account from mail?

  3. K.V.Raghava Reddy

    Recently i purchased ipad mini. I set up apple ID as with a password. When I opened itunes, it asked to enter password and after entering password it directed me to go to for verification of my ID. By mistake, i entered email as and there was no such email address and when i tried to create it on google, it refused.
    Realizing the mistake committed, i set up another ID … with a password. This apple ID was successfully get verified by apple. Now the problem is whenever i tried to login to itunes/apps etc again the old id is appearing and asking for verification of that id at email address,, which does not exist. Please help me how to get rid of this problem. How to delete the id, permanently from my ipad.

    • Matt

      You can run App Store on your iPad, touch Featured tab, then scroll down to the bottom, you will find your Apple ID from there. Tap on it, you will have the pop-up menu where you can choose to sign out. After that you can sign in with your new Apple ID from there.
      Please give it a shot see if any help.

  4. robert wilson

    I have selected photos from my ipad mini, then tap the square with the arrow & all that comes up is AirDrop and beneath that it shows copy & print. This used to work, but not lately. Please help. Thanks, Robert

    • Matt

      do you want to send photos through email on ipad mini?
      Can you capture the screen to illustrate the issue and send us the screenshot through email? Our email address can be found at the top of each page on the site.

  5. Vicki

    When I type my friend’s name in To: for sending an email, it prepopulates with her old email, which isn’t in my contacts. It probably was one I used for her in the past. How can I delete that email address? Thanks.

    • Matt

      when you type in a name in the To field and find the associated email address displayed below the name, it means you have saved this email in the contact details of this person. You can go to Contacts, find, edit and replace her old email address with the new one. Give it a shot, we’d like to hear your feedback.

  6. Donna

    Please help, am trying to set up a new email account using hotmail on my daughters ipad mini and it comes up with error saying cannot connect using SSL – what does this mean?

  7. Celia

    Thank you Matthew. I am using Yahoo – so far I haven’t been able to uncheck POP to replace it with IMAP. I will have to contact Yahoo I think.
    Help much appreciated.

    • Matthew

      Hi Celia,
      You are welcome.
      You can contact Yahoo. Or you can refer to this online tutorial (with screenshots and video demo) to set up Yahoo mail on iPad.

  8. Celia

    Could you tell me please why emails sent from my PC do not show in my sent folder on my IPad mini?

    • Matthew

      Most popular email services such as Hotmail, Gmail, should keep your email synced among different devices very well. When you sent emails from PC, these emails will be synced to your Sent folder on iPad as well.
      Emails sent very long ago may not synced. Recently sent emails or new emails should be synced well as long as you configure the email account as IMAP other than POP mail.
      Which email service are you using? Have you configured the email account as IMAP email?

  9. Eyad

    Hello dear
    Greetings of the day!

    Please help me with the message that I am geting from the iPad mini (the maximum number of free accounts have been activated on this iPad)!!!!

    what can I do for this now I cannot have new account in my iPad mini any more 🙁
    Please reply to me via email to :

    Thank you very much for your kind help and assistance in advance

    • Matt

      May I know how many email accounts have you added to the Mail app on iPad mini?
      I once had about 5 or 6 email accounts on my iPad at the same time and did not have this maximum number of email accounts trouble.

  10. Rose bud

    How do I increase sync events or period of mails to 1 year!

    • Matt

      Sorry, I did not follow you.
      If you check emails very rarely, you can simply log on your email accounts from Safari for mobile. Or maybe set up your email on the POP protocol, so you download emails to the device only without syncing with your email server or other devices you manage the same email account.

  11. Jeanie

    Thank you Matt, it worked perfectly.

    • Matt

      You are welcome. I am glad to know it worked for you.

  12. Jeanie

    Hello. I have set up my Hotmail on new mini iPad and receive all messages. However my contacts list is empty and there is no contacts button in my settings-account box, only Mail and Notes so can only send mail by typing in addressee. Solution please? Thank you.

  13. Graham

    I have an Ipad Mini and an Ipad 1, I use the Mini for emails, I share the email address with my wife. I want to set up the Ipad Min to receive emails and when I delete them, just delete them on the Ipad Mini but leave them accessible on the BT Server and the Ipad. Pls could you tell me how I can set this up.

    • Matt

      You can set up your email account as POP mail on iPad mini, set up the same email account on the other iPad as regular email type, IMAP mail. Then log on your email account from web browser on a PC or Mac, to disable POP mail from deleting emails on your email server (BT Server). After that, your iPad mini can download emails from your mail server, you can delete emails on iPad mini, it however will not delete email from your mail server. Your iPad 1 or other smartphones can still access the email account through the regular IMAP protocol to manage emails and keep well synced with your email server.
      You can find out the difference between POP and IMAP mail here.
      Most email service providers will allow you to connect to their mail server through either POP or IMAP protocol or both, see this Gmail POP IMAP settings, just as an example.

  14. Ginger

    I have two yahoo accts on my IPAD Mini. I have had problems before with receiving or sending emails. With iOS updates my mail recipients get mails sent from Microsoft ‘live’ rather than ‘yahoo’ address. I never set-up this Outlook acct.
    Consequently, recipients cannot ‘reply’ to my emails, because it reads ‘failed’.
    ThAnks for help!

    • Matt

      Generally speaking Microsoft’s email services (live, hotmail, outlook) can be set up through the Exchange or Outlook methods on iPhone, iPad or iTouch.
      Do you mean you send an email from your Yahoo account to recipients who are using Microsoft Live account, your recipients can receive the email but can’t reply to your email?

  15. Nick

    I deleted my yahoo email via my settings as it was jammed. How do I set it up again please?

  16. Fiona

    I have set up my yahoo mail on my mini iPad 2 and it works fine.

    My problem is that I cannot edit the mail from the inbox list e.g. delete mails, as there is no edit button appearing in the top right corner.

    I can only delete individual mails on in them and using the bin icon.

    How do I turn the delete function on?


    • Matt

      You should be able to select multiple emails and delete them at the same time. Please refer to this step-by-step guide to configure Yahoo mail on iPad see if any help,

  17. anthony

    Thank you:)

    • Matt

      You are welcome.

  18. anthony parker

    I need help when I am setting up my account for sending and receiving mail I went to settings and hit mail, contacts and calendars and it took me to choose a mail account, I choose yahoo. I filled out the pop up page and got all the way to putting in my password. I have no clue what that pw is. It is not my yahoo pw, it is not the 4 digits that I sign in on my I pad mini. what can I do?

    • Matt

      You can refer to this step-by-step guide to add Yahoo account to iPhone iPad.
      If still no luck, please also check the comments from @Suzy at the lower section of this guide. Suzy posted a link to generate a one-time password which seems to be able to authorize access to your Yahoo account from a non-Yahoo app.

  19. Barbara

    When I send an email, it says can not be delivered since email address not recognized – what should I do to send outgoing emails to people who I haven’t corresponded with before on mini IPad ?

    • Matt

      Do you mean you can receive emails but can’t send emails?
      Which email service are you using?

  20. Kerrin

    I am unable to set up this e-mail on my iPad mini. I’m not sure what I’m d wrong! Please help

    • Matt

      which email service are you using, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail or else?

  21. Pat Szalai

    Nope doesn’t work. I have tried the ‘Outlook’ route, which it seems to accept, but then asks me for my outlook password which of course I don’t have cos it is a live account. Have also tried the ‘Exchange’ route, but I get so far before it asks for server info and then presumably ‘domain’ and then, presumably, my exchange password, which, of course, I don’t have. Not much hair left now!

    • Matt

      Just use your password for your Live account, the password which you use to log on your Live account from web browsers. It does not requry a separate outlook password or exchange password. Microsoft outlook/exchange server should accept the Live account and its password.

  22. Pat Szalai

    I have set up my Yahoo account on my ipad mini, easy peasy, but it will not accept my live account. Hotmail is not listed as an option so I go to ‘other’ and input the info requested, including the incoming mail server info of: and the outgoing server: but it comes back with incorrect password or user (which I assume is my e-mail address). I am tearing my hair out. Can anyone suggest a solution before I go bald?

  23. Richard

    iPad mini 3 yahoo mail account is setup but no mail is coming in or showing up. Can send out Mai and inbox and folders are established. Can see the mail just fine on ipad2 but for some reason not working in the mini3? Other Mai accounts working fine? Is this an issue with yahoo or the mini3

  24. Donald

    Ipad mini recives email and some text messages but will not send email and can’t add text contacts to send or recive. Getting tired of having to run to desktop or Iphone to reply to both. Help!!!!!

    • Matt

      Hi Donald,
      Which email service are you using, hotmail, gmail or else?
      It looks like to be a problem of the outgoing server configuration. I had this problem before with one of my self-hosted email under the domain.
      You can go to Settings >> Mail, Contacts, Calendars, then select the email account in problem, navigate to its Account configuration window, see if the Outgoing mail server/SMTP server not configured or not configured properly, such as wrong smtp server address, username or password. FYI, here is a screenshot :

      Looking forward to your response.

  25. Kim

    Why don’t I get all of my emails? It will say I have 4 messages and maybe I get only one, then I have to go check on my personal computer. Thanks for any help!

    • Matt

      Which email service are you using, hotmail, gmail or else?

      Go to open Settings >> Mail, Contacts, Calendars, you should see a list of added email accounts on your iPhone or iPad. Under each email account there you should see something like “Mail, Notes, Contacts…” this means the sync items enabled for the specific email account. Make sure the Mail is included for your email account. Then scroll down to a Fetch New Data section, make sure it is set to Push. Tab on it, you can open the push settings for specific email accounts on your iOS device. Here you can do: 1) make sure Push, other than fetch or manual, is enabled for your email account in problem; 2) scroll to the bottom to change fetch schedule, every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, hourly or else. If you set it to 15 minutes, then your iPhone or iPad will check for new updates on your email server every 15 minutes to keep them synced with mail sever. There may be a delay to get all your emails synced since your ipad or iPhone will only check for update in a selected interval. During this period of time, you can manually refrech your mail box to fetch for new emails in the Mail app on iPhone iPad.

  26. Lisa

    Hi, how do I stop my ipad mini from deleting emails from my server – apple are stummped.

  27. Lanier

    I can’t setup my ymail account on my ipad mini. Can anyone help me out on m

    • Joe

      What’s your email service provider, aol, gmail or else?
      Do you get any error and how to replicate the error?
      Please provide more details, so others can help.

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