Setup Gmail with Microsoft Exchange on iPad Mini

Setup gmail on mini ipad

There are different ways you can use to access your Gmail on your iPad Mini. You can use the mobile browser Safari to access Gmail, you can open the Mail app on iPad Mini and setup the Gmail using IMAP. This guide will show you a better alternative, to setup your Gmail on iPad Mini as an Exchange Account.

Setup Gmail using Exchange ActiveSync on your iPad Mini is very convenient for you to sync your Google Calendar, Gmail Email and Contacts over Exchange. Google Sync offers some advantages over using IMAP on your device. Most importantly, it allows for content to be pushed to your phone within seconds after changes occur on the server. On the other hand, using Gmail Drafts from your device is not possible via Google Sync. You may refer to followings steps and guidelines to configure Gmail on Exchange on your iPad Mini.

Latest Update: We recommend this method to setup Gmail Account on iPad iOS 7.

Setup Gmail with Microsoft Exchange on iPad Mini

1. Launch the Settings app on iPad Mini.

2. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

3. Tap Add Account.

4. Tap Microsoft Exchange, ignore that giant Google button on the mail account screen and choose Exchange option instead.

5. Enter your Google account (Gmail) information:

input gmail id and password for exchange on ipad

  • Email: Your full Gmail address;
  • Password: Your Gmail password;
  • Description: something descriptive, such as Matt Gmail, Gmail via Exchange, anything you like.

Tap on Next button on th top right corner when you are ready. The Exchange server will then send your input credentails to Gmail server for verification. After that you will get a new screen like this:

gmail exchange settings on ipad

  • * Email: Your Google email full address ( i.e.
  • * Domain: Optional, you can simply leave it blank
  • * Username: Your Gmail address (, input it again the second time)
  • * Password: Your Gmail password
  • * Description: Something descriptive, such as Gmail, Matt’s Gmail, etc.

6. Tap Next, your typed in credentials will be verified online again. After that you will have the sync options to sync Gmail mails, contacts, calendars and reminders to iPad via Exchange server.

sync gmail contacts, calendars, notes to ipad via exchange

7. The Contacts option is disabled by default. To sync Gmail contacts slide on the Contacts option from above screen, you will get a popup dialogue like this:

sync gmail contacts to ipad via exchange

8. You need to make a decision to keep your existing local contacts on iPad or delete local contacts from your iPad. Under most circumstances, we would like to keep our existing iPad contacts intact [See how to recover deleted or lost contacts on iPhone iPad?]. So tap on to select the ‘Keep on My iPad’ option.

9. Tap on the Save button on the top right corner of your iPad screen, your Gmail account will be configured as Exchange server on iPad.

Gmail iPad Mini Important Notes:

1. To set up your Google email with Microsoft Exchange on iPhone, or iPod touch is quite similar.

2. If you set up an email account on a client using POP3, it will not reflect changes to email statuses with the server version. On the contrary Gmail set up with Exchange ActiveSync on iPad Mini reflects your changes across all devices, iPhone, iPad, etc .

3. Google allows full Exchange and Push Support for the iOS and other devices. If you want to make use of the gmail push feature on your iPad Mini, go to enable it from Settings >> Mail, Contacts, Calendars >> Fetch New Data >> turn on Push from there.

6 thoughts on “Setup Gmail with Microsoft Exchange on iPad Mini”

  1. The same problems like others :-((( So I’ve used the “GMAIL” and not “Exchange”
    It’s ok with my iPad 1… why not with iPad mini??
    So. It works now but with “GMAIL” :-/

  2. I’ve set things up exactly as described on an iPad mini. When I open mail and click on that account to see its inbox, I get the message “Cannot Get Mail – The connection to the server failed.” I also notice that in the settings screen, I can choose how many weeks to sync messages but there is no option for push/fetch for getting messages. Thoughts?

    1. I had the same issue before with the Gmail via MS exchange on my iPad. It happens randomly, this is annoying.
      I deleted the gmail account and added it again as the SMTP/IMAP, now everything works fine.

  3. I tried to add gmail account using exchange on ipad mini but I got an error message stating it could not verify the account

    1. Here are the tips from Google:

      1. Make sure that you’ve entered your full email address (e.g.
      2. Re-enter your password to ensure that it’s correct. Keep in mind that passwords are case-sensitive.
      3. Make sure your mail client isn’t set to check for new mail too often. If your mail client checks for new messages more than once every 10 minutes, your client might repeatedly request your username and password.

      ********Try bellow fixes:

      1. sign in to Gmail at If you see a word verification request, type the letters in the distorted picture and finish signing in.
      2. Close your browser and try accessing your messages in your email client again.
      3. If you’re still having problems, visit and sign in with your Gmail username and password. If necessary, enter the letters in the distorted picture.
      4. Click Continue.
      5. Restart your mail client and try accessing messages in your email client again.

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