Set up Hotmail account on Lenovo phone

You can set up an email account, like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo mail, AOL mail, using the built-in Email app or other Android apps on Lenovo mobile phone or tablet so you can access your emails, calendar, and contacts on the phone. Today, we will show you the easy steps to add Hotmail account to Lenovo mobile phone. It is extremely easy to follow and takes less than one minute.

Set up Hotmail account on Lenovo phone or tablet

Unlock your Lenovo phone or tablet, then connect up your mobile or tablet to Wi-fi. Touch to run the Email app from your phone’s home screen, you will be prompted to input your email account username and password immediately provided no email account has been added to your Lenovo device yet. See below screenshot.

input hotmail account username, password on lenovo mobile phone

Type in your full Hotmail account username, the Hotmail email address including “”, in the “Email Address” field and the Hotmail account password in the “Password” field, then press the Next button to continue.

The Hotmail account settings screen opens with all kinds of settings and options you can customize, such as inbox checking frequency, days to sync, notification settings, contacts sync, calendar sync, email sync, email attachment downloading, limit email size and so on.

hotmail account settings on lenovo mobile phone

Change any of these settings according to your preference, then tap on the Next button, you can then give your Hotmail account a different name other than the full Hotmail email address if like. And click Save button to add the Hotmail account to your Lenovo phone. Now you can go to compose emails, receive emails on your Lenovo phone.

Hotmail for mobile configuration FAQs

Hotmail manual setup vs auto setup

The stock Email app on Lenovo phone has made the emails setup extremely easy by filling up most of the essential info for users automatically. Basically users only need to provide the email username and password, the email app can do the rest. If you like to manually configure the email settings on Lenovo phone, you can also do that. Scroll up to the first screenshot where you are required to input Hotmail username and password, you can see the Manual Setup option. If you prefer manual setup than auto setup, you can start from here. FYI, you can find Hotmail POP IMAP, SMTP settings here.

Setup Hotmail on Samsung and more devices

Hotmail is very popular among all kinds of mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, across various mobile platforms. You can also set up Hotmail on Samsung mobile phones. iPhone iPad iPod touch users can refer to this tutorial to add Hotmail account on iPad iPhone.

Emails on mobile devices can not only be used to send and receive emails. In fact email is always considered as the most convenient way for mobile phone users to send files, share documents. For example, if you want to transfer files from computer to phone or the other way around, you may get the job done easily via emails.