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  1. I’m able to access my hotmail account on my samsung galaxy, however I can’t access my photo’s. For example, if I take a pic with my galaxy and want to send it as an attachment through my hotmail account, it won’t let me attach it. Or at least I can’t figure it out. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    1. generally speaking you can attach files to an email on Samsung phone in following ways:
      1. run Mail app, tap the Compose icon to start writing your email, at the top of this screen, you should find the toolbar with the paperclip icon, and several others. touch the paperclip icon to find and attach files to the email.
      2. run Gallery app on the phone, browse to the picture you like to attach to email, there will be various options at the top screen, such as Share, Delete, Edit, etc. Choose Share icon, then select Email, the current photo will be attached to a new email.

  2. hello
    I am unable to setup yahoo account on a Samsung J16 galaxy mobile phone, the message is authentication failed not able to set up account? would appreciate some help please. Your instructions above have not worked unfortunately.

  3. Hi, I’m having real problems setting up my hotmail in the Samsung S6 email app. Set it up fine when I first got the phone but it went for repair and now won’t connect, just keeps “checking incoming server settings” or “receiving account information”. I managed to connect to the account fine under the Gmail app but I don’t like the way it’s set out.
    I’ve tried your tips above but no luck, help?!

    1. You can firstly make sure the email address and password are correct. You can also try to disconnect your phone from the Wi-Fi network, reconnect again, then go to add the email account again see if any update. If still no luck, you can go to Settings >> Add Account >> Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (rather than Email), then follow the prompts and enter the information when asked, similar to what we have described in above post. Both the Exchange ActiveSync and Hotmail are from Microsoft, you can choose to set up Hotmail account based on Microsoft exchange server sync protocol for mobile, this should also work well.

  4. Success with adding Hotmail account to Samsung Galaxy J3sV after getting “Checking incoming server settings” message with spinning disc for 20 mins. Clicking on Apps>Settings>Accounts>Add account>Exchange will prompt you for your email address. DO NOT SELECT “Email” from the Add account list of options as it will again result in the 20+ minute server message. After entering your Hotmail address, you will be taken to the Microsoft page and you will be prompted to enter your password. Enter password, click “Sign in” and your account will be activated. (it syncs for a few seconds) After activation, your Hotmail will appear as “Personal (IMAP)” under your Accounts list.

    1. Hi Matthew, thanks for sharing your own experience with us about how you add the Hotmail account to a samsung device. very helpful.

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