Setting up mobile hotspot on HTC phone

Mobile hotspot allows you to share your phone’s data plan or internet access with other devices or users. You can also configure a local Wi-Fi work and connected all your devices to it for file transfer, data sharing and more. Setting up your phone as a mobile hotspot is easier than you may think. For example, you can follow these steps to set up portable hotspot on Lenovo phone, and following tutorial to turn on mobile hotspot on Xiaomi mobile. Today, we will demonstrate how you can turn on portable Wi-Fi hotspot on HTC mobile phone. Like any other Android powered smartphones, HTC phones also have the mobile hotspot built-in, so you do not need to download any third party app. You can directly activate hotspot on your HTC phone and share Wi-Fi hotspot with other phones and users for free.

Note that you can only share your internet connection via mobile hotspot if your carrier supports it. We’ve used a HTC X9 running Android 6.0 for this guide so things may vary depending on the model of your smartphone.

Steps to turn HTC phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot

Launch Settings app on HTC phone, tap on More >> Mobile network sharing, then touch on the ON/OFF switch to turn on Portable WLAN hotspot. See below figure.

turn on portable wlan hotspot on htc mobile phone

After the portable WLAN hotspot is started on HTC mobile phone, your PC or other mobile phones can connect to it and then start using the internet.

How to connect to Wi-Fi hotspot on HTC phone from another device?

You can connect any Wi-Fi–enabled devices to the mobile hotspot on HTC phone just like you connect them to any Wi-Fi network or wireless router. Turn on Wi-Fi on your computer or mobile phone, find the HTC phone hotspot name and connect, then input the HTC phone hotspot password, after that you can share this HTC phone’s internet connection with your PC or other Wi-Fi enabled devices via Wi-Fi.

How to find out Wi-Fi hotspot name and password on HTC phone?

From the Mobile network sharing screen, touch Portable WLAN hotsport or Portable Wi-Fi hotspot other than the ON/OFF switch, then the Portable WLAN hotsport or Portable Wi-Fi hotspot screen opens with hotspot name(SSID), password and connected devices.

How to change Wi-Fi hotspot name and password on HTC phone?

To edit Wi-Fi hotspot name and password on HTC phone, you need to turn on portable hotspot on HTC mobile, then change the hotspot’s settings on the Portable WLAN Hotspot screen.