Set up Outlook Email on iPhone

Outlook email refers to Microsoft email services including Hotmail and Live mail, not the MS outlook email client. If you have an outlook email account, you can easily access the web mail with your Safari browser on iPhone by visiting this URL Except the outlook web mail, an easier way to manage your Outlook email accounts on iPhone is to setup the email account through the native iPhone mail app. If you are on iPad, you can refer to this guide to set up Hotmail account on iPad.

Steps to Setup Outlook Email on iPhone

Set up Outlook Email on iPhone

  • 1. Launch “Setting” app from your iPhone home screen;
  • 2. Tap on “Mail, Contacts, Calendar”;
  • 3. Tap on Add Account;
  • 4. Select;
  • select outlook mail option on iPhone ipad

  • 5. Enter your Outlook email address(e.g. and password (xxxxxx);
  • 6. Now select what you want to sync.

By setting up Outlook email on iPhone through the Mail app, you can download a copy of your emails from server to your iPhone, you can then access them anytime later even without internet connection. At the same time, you can manage multiple email accounts with the same email clients, the Mail app for iPhone, you can greatly enhance your work efficiency.

You can also setup your outlook email as Exchange server on iPhone iPad. To do that, you can repeat above steps from top to the third step, then choose “Microsoft Exchange” option instead of After that enter your Outlook email and password and continue to start sync.