Setup screen lock on Samsung Galaxy S7

Screen lock is the most important setting on the phone to protect our device and personal data on the phone. We suggest you to enable this device protection feature at the initial setup of your new mobile phone. If you skipped this step during the initial setup, you can also enable this feature from the phone’s settings. In this guide, we will show you the quick steps to set up screen lock on Samsung Galaxy S7. Steps may vary slightly across different phone models.

Touch the Apps at the bottom right corner of your Galaxy S7, then find and tap to open Settings app. Touch Lock screen and security in Settings. Choose Screen lock type, you will then see a screen with all available screen lock options as shown below.

samsung galaxy s7 screen lock types

Here you can choose and setup a screen lock such as fingerprint, PIN, pattern or password to lock your phone screen and prevent others from using your mobile phone. For example, if you like to lock your Galaxy S7 with a pattern, then choose Pattern, then draw a pattern your phone screen, then draw the same lock pattern again to confirm, follow on-screen tips to set notification on lock screen options, and finally finish setup a screen lock for your Samsung mobile phone. It is the same if you choose to setup a PIN, password or fingerprint to lock the phone.

Add another layer of security by using a professional security app

Sometimes you may need to allow others to use your phone temporarily, but you do not want them to access your private data on the device, such as your photos, videos, chat history in Whatsapp, Messenger, Facebook and so on. In this case you can use a security app to lock down your media files, or any apps on the phone. Check out this guide to lock apps on Samsung mobile phone.

Also, screen lock can be removed using a Android unlocker tool without screen lock pattern, PIN, password or fingerprint. Using a third-party security app, app locker or data locker can make your private data more secure.