Set up Titanium backup on Xiaomi phone

Titanium backup is considered as the ultimate app of choice for every Android user with a rooted device. It can’t back up apps on the phone but also the app data, system settings and so on. I have just set up Titanium backup on my Xiaomi mobile phone and I’d like to share my experience with anyone who also wants to use Titanium backup on his or her Xiaomi or Redmi phones.

Back up content on Xiaomi & Redmi phones
The Titanium backup app can only help you back up apps and data on the mobile phones. If you like to back up data from phone to computer, we suggest this easy guide to back up data from Xiaomi and Redmi phone to computer. For data exchange across different mobile phones, both rooted and unrooted, and even mobile phone OS, like between Android and iPhone, you need a professional mobile phone data transfer. For example, you can follow this tutorial to transfer data from Xiaomi to Samsung mobile phone and this guide for copying data between Xiaomi and iPhone.

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The first thing you need to do is to get your mobile phone rooted. For Xiaomi or Redmi phone users, you can simply flash a Developer ROM to your phone to get root access. Visit Xiaomi MIUI official site. Go to the download page, search your phone model and ROM package for it. Generally speaking you should find two full ROM packages, one is the stable ROM, the other is the Developer ROM. You can firstly download the Developer ROM, then follow this step-by-step guide to flash ROM to Xiaomi phone.

Secondly you need to download the Titanium backup app from Google Play store or other market on your Xiaomi phone. It comes with a free version and a paid pro version.

Thirdly you have to grant the Titanium backup app the root permissions on your phone. Run the Settings app on Xiaomi or Redmi phone, go to Settings >> Permissions>> Allow root access. Alternatively you can also launch the Security app on Xiaomi phone, then choose Permissions >> Allow root access.

allow root access permissions on xiaomi redmi phones via security app

You can then enable root access on Xiaomi phone and grant the Titanium backup app the superuser permissions on your Xiaomi phone. During the process of granting apps root access on Xiaomi phone, you will get the warning about 5 times, so you have to tap on the Next button for five times before Titanium backup gains the root privileges on Xiaomi phone.

grant titanium backup app root access on xiaomi redmi mobile phone

Lastly go to verify the root access status of Titanium backup app. Go to run the Titanium backup on Xiaomi phone. From the home screen of the Titanium backup app, if you can see its Root access is OK under the Overview tab, you should be able to use Titanium backup to back up and restore apps and app data on your Xiaomi mobile phone. If the root status is not OK, you can download and install the Superuser or SuperSU app from Google Play store or other market. Then run the root access management app on your Xiaomi phone, then grant Titanium backup the root access from there. Go to verify the root access status of Titanium backup app again.

titanium backup app for android home screen