Set up Wi-Fi hotspot on Lenovo mobile phone

Portable Wi-Fi hotspot on mobile phones, like Samsung, iPhone, Lenovo, LG, Motorola, helps us easily share internet connection and transfer data between different smartphones. We have covered this issue in recent articles, such as this guide to set up Wi-fi hotspot on Samsung Galaxy phones, and this tutorial to configure portable Wi-fi hotspot on Xiaomi and Redmi phones. Today, we will use a Lenovo K3 mobile phone in the demo to show how you can enable Wi-Fi hotspot on Lenovo mobile phones. The procedure is quite similar across different Android powered phones, like the Samsung Galaxy phones, Xiaomi phones, Redmi phones, as we have mentioned above. Check out the details with screenshots below.

How to Set up Wi-Fi hotspot on Lenovo mobile phone?

Tap to launch the Settings from your Lenovo phone home screen.

lenovo phone settings

Go to Wireless & networks section, tap More…, you will then find the Tethering and hotspot option on Lenovo mobile phone.
lenovo phone tethering and hotspot settings

Tap to open the Tethering & hotspot settings on Lenovo phone, slide the toggle to turn on Wi-Fi hotspot or WLAN hotspot.enable wifi hotspot on lenovo phone

Touch the Wi-Fi hotspot to access its settings as shown below. From this screen, you can enable or disable Wi-Fi hotspot on Lenovo phone, find connected devices or phones via Wi-Fi hotspot, set up the Wi-Fi hotspot or configure its settings.

lenovo phone wifi hotspotTouch Set up Wi-Fi hotspot, you will open the settings screen of the Wi-fi hotspot on Lenovo phone. You can find and change the Wi-Fi hotspot name (network SSID), Wi-Fi hotspot security type, Wi-Fi hotspot password here.

setup wifi hotspot on lenovo phone

How to connect phones to Lenovo phone via Wi-Fi hotspot?

Connecting other phones or computers to a Wi-Fi hotspot or your Lenovo phone via Wi-Fi hotspot is just like you connect your phone or computer to a regular Wi-Fi network. Turn on Wi-fi connection on your PC or mobile, then select the Lenovo Wi-Fi hotspot name from the available Wi-Fi networks list, you will be prompted to input the password, you can then go to find the password from the Wi-Fi hotspot setup screen above, and finally connect your phone to computer to Lenovo phone via Wi-Fi hotspot.

Now you can share the internet connection with your Lenovo phone with other phone users or computers. You can also easily exchange data and files between the connected devices without a wireless router or network. For example, you can refer to this guide to transfer data between Samsung galaxy phones and computers via Wi-fi hotspot. The same method and tool works with data transfer between Lenovo phones and computers as well.


Wi-Fi hotspot vs Bluetooth

You can tether two or more mobile phones and computers via Bluetooth, Wi-fi, Wi-Fi hotspot, Wi-Fi direct, etc. Bluetooth is a classic way for easy tethering between different devices. You can also refer to below tutorials to share internet between Samsung phones via Bluetooth.

Share Internet Connection via Bluetooth Tethering on Samsung phones


Bluetooth can also help you exchange files and data among cell phones. See below guide to send media files between Samsung phones and computers via Bluetooth.

Transfer Photos Videos Music Files between Samsung phone and Windows 10 PC through Bluetooth

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