Set up Yahoo mail account on Xiaomi & Redmi phones

Mail app comes with almost all smartphones nowadays. With email for mobile, things become much easier. Many files and documents can be shared easily through email. In an earlier guide, we showed how you can add Hotmail to Xiaomi mobile. Setting up an Yahoo mail account on Xiaomi phone is similar.

Run the Mail app on your Xiaomi or Redmi mobile phone. If no email accounts existing on the phone, you will be prompted to input email username and password.

add yahoo mail to xiaomi, redmi phone

Type in your Yahoo mail address and its password, the Mail app will automatically choose the default settings for Yahoo email. Your Yahoo email account should be configured on the IMAP protocol by default. IMAP can sync your email on multiple devices. For example, if you read an email on mobile phone, when you access the email account from the web on a PC, the email will be marked as read; if you replied an email on one device, it will be marked as replied on any other devices you use to access the email account. It is very user friendly. Hit the Sign in button, the Mail app will contact your Yahoo mail server and verify your email account credentials.

configure yahoo mail account settings on xiaomi redmi mobile

After that you will open the Account settings screen on your phone. This is the place you can change or customize Yahoo mail settings, such as nickname, sync settings like how often you like to sync your email from mail server to mobile phone, how old of the emails should be synced from Yahoo mail server to mobile phone. Normally you may not want to sync very old emails from server to phone, thus you should limit a time period here, such as sync mail from past week, past 2 weeks, path month, etc. There is also an option ‘Download attachments using Wi-Fi’, you can choose to enable it so only download email attachments when you are connected to a Wi-fi network. This option can help prevent download large files attached to email thus save your cellular data. Tap Done button at the bottom, your Yahoo mail will be added to the phone and you should see the Mail app starts downloading your emails from Yahoo mail account to your Xiaomi & Redmi phone.

If you see the Sync is off prompt in the Inbox folder, you can tap on this prompt to enable sync. Alternatively you can also go to phone Settings >> Accounts >> Sync to enable email sync on Xiaomi and Redmi phones.

Adding Yahoo mail to more mobile phones

You can add your Yahoo email service to any other IMAP/POP supported mobile phones, such as Samsung, Lenovo, Motorola, ZTE, Huawei, and many others. See this tutorial to set up Yahoo mail on Samsung mobile phone.

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