Share apps between mobile phones

Sometimes we might need to send some apps from one phone to another. For example, when you forget the download link of an existing app on the old phone, you need to copy it over to the new phone. In this quick guide, we will show you how to transfer apps from one Android phone to another wirelessly using a free app called AirDroid. Unlike other Android transfer solutions that require a desktop in the middle. This free app can help you directly share apps between mobile phones directly, wirelessly, without internet connection and best of all it’s totally free. Check out the details below.

The only thing you will need is the AirDroid app. It is a free app on Google Play and can be found in other Android market as well. Go to download it on to your mobile phone first before we get started. 

Step 1. Connect two phones via Hotspot

Your mobile phones can be connected to the same Wi-Fi network or better use the personal hotspot on the phone to connect them together. For example, you can enable portable Wi-Fi hotspot on Xiaomi & Redmi phones, and these steps to setup Wi-Fi hotspot on Lenovo mobile, just to name a few. The configuration of mobile hotspot on Android phones involves almost the same procedure. 

Once you have turn on the Wi-Fi hotspot on one Android device, go to the other phone and connect it to the Wi-Fi hotspot just like you connect your phone to any common Wi-Fi network.

Step 2. Get Wi-Fi transfer address

Launch AirDroid on the phone that you like to share existing apps on the phone. Most of its features do not require internet connection.

The Transfer tab opens automatically. Choose AirDroid Web to get the Wi-Fi transfer address. You will get both an alphabetic address and a numeric IP address. 

airdroid web access addresses on android mobile phone

Step 3. Connect and download apps from one phone to the other

Launch a web browser on the second mobile phone, access the numeric IP address provided by AirDroid on the first phone. You will get the connection request on the first phone. Accept the connection request on the first phone to allow the other phone to connect to it. 

When both Android phones are connected together via AirDroid, you can see a category in AirDroid for web. Choose Apps to browse and download apps from the AirDroid server to the AirDroid client using the AirDroid for web. 

share apps between android mobile phones using AirDroid for web

By default the Android app will be saved to the Downloads folder as .apk file on the second phone. Find and install it on the second phone using your files manager or browser app. 

Batch migrate all apps from one phone to another

If you like to copy over all installed apps between two mobile phones, we recommend this solution to batch copy all apps between two mobile phones using a phone switch software on a desktop computer.

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