Share computer screen with mobile phone for free

Occasionally we might need to cast screen from our mobile phone to computer display or vice versa. There are many screen mirroring software that can help us cast screen from our smart phone to PC or Mac. Some smartphone makers even allow users to mirror the devices with native mirroring tool. For example, Apple users can use AirPlay, Samsung Galaxy users have the Screen Mirror feature on their devices and Mi users can cast their Xiaomi or Redmi screen to computer using the wireless display. These screen sharing solutions however can’t help us cast screen from computer to mobile devices. Today, we will introduce you a free and open source desktop software which can help us easily turn any device, Android, iPhone, iPad, tablet, even another PC or Mac, into a secondary screen for your computer.

Deskreen is the trick. It comes with different versions for Windows, Mac and Linux. Download Deskreen here and install it on your computer. Then connect both your phone and computer to the same network. You can use a mobile phone browser to access the connection address of your computer, thus use the mobile device, phone, tablet, other computer or even smart TV, as a second screen for your computer. Deskreen can share screen video over WiFi. No cables needed.

How to share PC screen with mobile phone or another computer?

Run the screen sharing application on your computer. We will use Deskreen on a Windows 10 PC and an Android mobile in this demo. Once you have started Deskreen on your desktop or laptop, you will get a QR code and a connection address below it. Click on QR code to enlarge it if needed. Then connect your mobile phone or tablet to the same Wi-Fi network. Launch the Camera app on your mobile phone to scan this QR code, thus automatically open the connection address in your web browser. Alternatively you can manually type the connection address in browser address bar on any device to open Deskreen Web Viewer.

Deskreen for windows wireless connection address

After that, Deskreen on your desktop or laptop will prompt you about the connection request: a device is trying to connect, do you want to allow it? The partner device information, including device type, IP, browser, OS, session ID, will be listed. Click Allow button. You will then be asked to choose what screen source you want to share: Share Entire Screen or Share Application Window.

Deskreen for windows select screen source to share

After selected the screen source, you will see the preview box to make sure everything as you wanted. Click the Confirm button, your PC screen will be mirrored to your phone, tablet or another computer. And you can repeat this procedure to connect more devices.

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