Share files between Android and Mac using ShareMe

File sharing between Apple devices are made easy since we have the AirDrop cross Apple computers and other devices. However it is not compatible with Android devices. If you need to quickly send files and documents from Mac to Android or the other way around, you have to use a third-party solution. ShareMe is a free file sharing app, developed by Xiaomi who is best known as the China based smartphone manufacturer. This lightweight app serves as a great alternative to AirDrop.

Turn your Android into a File server

You need to firstly download this free app from previous linked page on your Android device. Launch the file sharing app on Android, you will see its home screen with several options at the lower section: Send, Receive, Received files, Share to PC, Webshare and Invite.

Choose Share to PC, you will be taken to the Connect to computer screen with the currently Wi-Fi network. Press on the Start button at the bottom. The Connection type dialog appears where you can choose to create a connection with or without password protection: Portable (not secure), Password-protected. Here we choose Portable > OK. The FTP address appears.

Connect Android from PC or Mac

Now we can go to our computer, either PC or Mac, to access the FTP server using Windows File Explorer, Mac Finder or any FTP clients. On Mac, go to Finder menu > Go > Connect to Server….

Mac Finder connect to server - connect ShareMe FTP server on Android

Type in the full FTP server address, started with ftp://, ended with the port number, from Android to connect. When Mac asks you to connect either as Guest or Registered User, choose Guest since we have chosen Portable (not secure) instead of Password-protected as the connection type when setting up the file server on Android above. By doing so we don’t need to enter FTP username or password to access the FTP file server.

Copy files between computer and mobile phone

Once connected, you can access files and folders stored on your mobile phone storage from Finder on Mac. Simply select, copy files from your Mac and paste them to a folder on your Android, or copy and paste files from Android to Mac.

Go to stop the FTP server from ShareMe on Android once you finished the file transfer between Android and Mac.

Connecting Android file server using FTP on computer

Other than the native file explorers or managers on Windows or Mac computer, we can also opt for a professional FTP client on our computer to access the Android file server.

There are several free FTP options you may consider. FileZilla FTP is the go-to FTP client for both Windows and Mac. You can download the free FTP tool and use it to connect to your Android phone or any FTP servers.

filezilla pro mac

Connecting to a server via the QuickConnect bar is the easiest way to connect your Mac or PC to ShareMe FTP server on Android. Enter the ShareMe FTP address (server IP only) in the Host field. Enter your user ID and password for the connection in the Username and Password fields. Since we have set up the file server on Android through ShareMe without password protection, leave these two fields blank. Enter the FTP server port 2121 in the Port field, click Quickconnect to access Android files and data, then download or upload files from Android to computer or computer to Android through the FTP program on your desktop.

FTP server connection troubleshooting

If you can’t connect Android phone via FTP, here is a quick checklist for your reference:

  1. Try your computer’s built-in File Explorer or a FTP client alternatively if you find one does not work.
  2. Use the full FTP address you get from ShareMe on the phone when you connecting to it from Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder, including the starting ftp:// part and the port number. On the other side, input only the FTP server IP in the Host field within FileZilla. Do not include extra parts or even space in the FTP server IP when you use a FTP program to connect.
  3. The FTP server IP is the local IP address of your Android phone. Every time you connect your phone to the router or Wi-fi network, a local IP address will be assigned to your mobile by the router. And this IP may change.

More free file sharing solutions

Except ShareMe file sharing, there are several other free file transfer apps you can find from Google Play Store. Here is a shot list of them you can choose:

  • SHAREit: a free application that can transfer various files between all platforms and devices in seconds. For instance, you can transfer files between mobile phones and PC using SHAREit. However, the downside is that it is not Ads free, although not very annoying.
  • Zapya: a free, fast, wireless, cross-platform file transfer for Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone/PC, and Mac. also an underestimated file sharing app, still many people don’t know or use this.
  • Xender: another free option you can transfer almost all kinds of data, including your photos, videos, music, documents, etc. However, the downside is the annoying ads. You got tons of unwanted ads and pop-ups in the free version. And sometimes, connectivity issues between different models are encountered.

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