Share files between iPhone and PC using SHAREit

File sharing between iPhone and Windows computer has not been made easy by Apple yet. iTunes is difficult to use as a file transfer solution. Just like what Apple said in TV ads, there’s an app for that. Do a search in Apple App Store, you can actually find numerous file transfer apps for that. SHAREit is among the most popular ones. It has a Mac client which can be used as the companion app for its Android and iOS versions. Or you can simply use your desktop browser on the computer side for the wireless connection and transfer with SHAREit for mobile. In this quick guide, we will use SHAREit for iOS on iPhone and Google Chrome browser on Windows 11 computer to show you the basic steps to get your devices connected and exchange files and documents between them.

Connect iPhone and PC via Wi-Fi

Get both of them connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Run SHAREit on iPhone, tap on Add (+ inside a circle) at the top right corner, choose WebShare from the drop-down menu.

SHAREit for iPhone side menu

You will be provided with the steps to connect up your iPhone and computer. Firstly open the web page link, the Web Share URL, in a desktop browser on your PC. You will get the QR code on that page. Click the Scan button on iPhone and use your camera to scan the QR code.

SHAREit for iPhone web share through Wi-Fi

Connect iPhone and PC via Hotspot

When you don’t have access to Wi-Fi networks, you can turn on personal hotspot on iPhone, then connect your PC to the hotspot. After that you will be able to connect them up following the same steps specified above.

For your quick reference, following are the steps to turn on hotspot on iPhone:

Open the Settings app on your iPhone, tap on Mobile Data, toggle the Mobile Data button so that it’s turned on (if it’s not already on). Click Personal Hotspot below. Switch on the ‘Allow Others to Join’ button. You’ll get a message asking you whether to turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB. Make sure to turn on mobile data share over Wi-Fi, so other devices can connect to your iPhone via Wi-Fi, which is much easier than USB connection and Bluetooth pairing.

The Hotspot name and password can be found below. Use these information to connect other devices to iPhone just like how you connect them to regular Wi-Fi networks.

SHAREit for iPhone web share through personal hotspot
SHAREit web share via personal hotspot

Share files between iPhone and PC

Once connected, tap on Send button in SHAREit, to browse through File, Photo, Music, Contact and more files, preview, select and send them to the computer.

On the computer side, drag and drop files from Windows File Explorer to SHAREit Web Share to send them over from PC to iPhone.

Share files between iPhone and PC using SHAREit web share through wi-fi

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