Share files between Windows and Mac wirelessly using ShareIt

Want to send files from Windows PC to Mac or the other way around? Sometimes you may have saved files and documents on one computer that you want to get to another. Sharing files between Windows and Mac in the same local network is easy. You just need to download and install ShareIt wireless transfer app on to both computer. This is a free, cross-platform, wireless file transfer app. You can get it here. Now follow below instructions to connect up your PC and Mac via WiFi to copy over files between them.

How to Share files between Windows and Mac using ShareIt?

Connect both Windows PC and Mac to the same Wi-Fi network. Run the free file transfer app on both computers. On your Windows PC, click the Menu at the top right of the transfer app, then choose Connect to PC from the drop-down menu, you will see a screen like below.

shareit windows to connect to another pc or mac

This function allows users to connect to another PC or Mac. The file transfer app will automatically detect other computers with the transfer running on them. Click on your Mac computer name or avatar to connect. Now go to your Mac computer, you will see the connection request from your Windows PC. Accept the connection invitation on Mac. After that you will see the file transfer dialog opens on both Windows PC and Mac. To send files from Windows to Mac, drag and drop files from your Windows computer’s hard drive to the transfer app for Windows; to send files from Mac to Windows, drag and drop files from your Mac hard drive to the transfer app for Mac.

transfer files documents between windows pc and mac using ushareit

The wireless transfer speed should be very fast as the transfer happens within your local network. It can be as fast as 20MB per second, much faster than Bluetooth sharing.

Windows and Mac file transfer bonus tips

  • You can initiate the transfer from either Windows PC or Mac. In ShareIt for Mac, you should see it automatically detect your Windows PC at the lower section of the home screen. You can connect the avatar to connect. If the connection failed, try to connect from the other computer.
  • You can use the free transfer app in all devices, regardless of operation system, Android, iOS, Windows Phone or Windows. See also this tutorial to send photos, videos between Android and iPhone through Wifi, just as an example.
  • It supports all major file types, documents, photos, music, videos, and even apps.
  • Mobile phones and computers can be connected via hotspot or LAN, so WiFi or internet connection is not necessary during the file transfer process.