Share Files in local network using Netgear router with USB support

There are many ways you can transfer files from one device to another in your local network. We have introduced several free file transfer apps in earlier posts, such as SHAREit, SendAnyWhere, Xender, etc. These apps however copy data peer-to-peer without a file server or cloud storage in the middle. If you want to share the same file with multiple users or devices, if you want to allow your family members to access your shared files any time they like, if you want to backup data from multiple devices to an external storage, these file sharing apps can’t help.

Many smart Wi-Fi routers nowadays come with the USB port so you can connect a Flash drive, USB drive or mobile hard disk drive to the router to store, access, share files in your local network. Others in the LAN can e access the USB drive on router across different devices, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac. In this quick guide, we will show you how to share files in your local network using a Flash drive and Netgear router with USB storage support. Check your router first. If there’s a USB port, your router support the ReadySHARE USB feature.

Setup ReadySHARE Local Network File Share

Simply plug the Flash drive, USB drive or mobile hard disk drive into the USB port of your wireless router and you are ready to use its ReadySHARE feature. No driver needs to be installed, no app or installation required on any device.

Change ReadySHARE Settings – Optional

Connect your computer to the Wi-Fi network. Login to the router configuration page from your web browser. You can access Netgear router settings from or your router’s default IP address ( or If Netgear detected some IP address conflict, it would automatically change its default IP address. The default login username and password are admin and password. Once the router settings page opens in your browser, go to Basic > ReadySHARE.

netgear wireless router readyshare usb storage basic settings

Click the Edit button below the Available Network Folders section to edit Network/Device Name, Workgroup, enable access through Network, HTTP, HTTPS (via internet), FTP, FTP (via internet). Hit Apply button to save the changes.

Click the Edit button below the Available Network Folders section again to open a pop-up dialog where you can change the Share Name, restrict access to only certain folder on your USB storage, add password to Read Access and/or Write Access. Hit Apply button to save the changes.

Store and Access files in ReadySHARE USB storage

Access Network USB storage from PC

Open File Manager on your Windows PC, access \\readyshare in the address bar. Since HTTP access is also enabled by default. You can also access the local USB storage from your desktop browser. The default HTTP address is The web access only allow you to download files from the USB to your computer, not upload files from computer to the USB storage. If you need to backup data or share files from your PC, use the Windows File Explore to access the USB storage in your local network.

Access USB storage from Mac

Just like the connection method above, you can choose to access ReadySHARE USB storage from the web using Safari or other desktop browsers you have.

Other than that, open Finder on Mac, click Go > Connect to Server, type in smb://readyshare, hit the Connect button to connect. If you have set password to access the USB storage, choose Connect As > Registered User so you can input username and password to connect. Otherwise connect your local USB storage as guest without a password.

Access USB storage in LAN from Android and iPhone

You can connect via the web using a mobile web browser on your Android smartphone or iPhone. Or use a file manager or explorer app which is able to access files saved on other devices in the same network.

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