Share files between PC and iPhone via Windows File Sharing

There are many ways you can share files and documents between a computer and a mobile phone. In Windows system, you can turn on file sharing to share files and folders with yourself or other people on your home network. You can setup file sharing on Windows PC. In this guide, we will share you the easiest way to enable file share in Windows 10, connect and access shared Windows folders and files from iPhone over Wi-Fi, copy files from PC to iPhone or iPhone to PC.

Setup file sharing or enable smb in Windows 10

The first steps is to turn on the file sharing or configure the SMB server on your PC. On Windows 10, click the search box besides the Windows icon, type in ‘control panel’, select and open the classic Control Panel in Windows 10.

windows 10 control panel

From the home screen of Windows 10 Control Panel, find and click Choose homegroup and sharing options >> Change advanced sharing settings, you can then expand the Private, Guest or Public network profile to configure network sharing for each type of the network. To copy files around between your own computers and mobile phones, you can just turn on file sharing for the private profile.

turn on network discovery, file printer sharing for private profile in windows10

Click to check and enable the ‘Network discovery‘ and ‘File and printer sharing‘, then ‘Save changes‘.

Share files and folder on Windows 10

On your computer hard drive, create a new folder or right click on an existing folder, then click Properties from the context menu. When the properties box opens up, switch from the General to the Sharing tab. Click Share button, you will open the File Sharing box where you can choose people to share the folder with. Since you just need to transfer files between different devices of your own, no need to create extra user, just click Share button at the bottom, then click Done to complete.

Now go to add files to this shared folder on your Windows computer.

iPhone to access shared folders in Windows 10 and share files

You can connect your Windows computer via SMB and transfer files between your PC and iPhone. You need to connect iPhone and PC to the same network to initiate the transfer. Your PC can be connected via cable or Wi-Fi. Every device in your local network has its IP address.

create windows smb connection in documents app on iphone

On iPhone, you need to download a file explorer app which support Windows SMB server. Some file explorers can automatically scan and detect your PC in the same network, so you do not need to manually type in its IP address. In such case, you need to input only your computer username and password.

Once you have created the Windows SMB connection on iPhone, you can then access shared folders in Windows 10 from iPhone, then copy files from the shared folder to iPhone or copy files from iPhone to the shared folder. On your PC, you can open the shared folder to copy files to/from it.