Share internet connection on mobile phone using Shareit

There are different ways you can share your internet connection or cellular data with other mobile phone users, such as Bluetooth, personal hotspot. For example, Samsung mobile phone users can refer to this tutorial to share internet on Samsung phone; Xiaomi or Redmi mobile phone users can firstly setup portable hotspot on Xiaomi, then ask their friends to connect to their hotspot network and use their mobile data to surf the internet.

Internet sharing via Bluetooth and Hotspot is very convenient when you are the only one who has internet connection and want to allow your friends to access the internet through your mobile phone. However the use of mobile hotspot may be disabled by some carriers such as AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. We have seen some complains about the restriction of personal hotspot from Samsung users, see this article about turning on mobile hotspot on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. If your service provider does not want their users to share internet connection between different phones, they may want to charge users for this service, then they might prohibit and disconnect user connections if tethering is detected, they might also require the phone maker to remove the hotspot support before the shipment.

Third-party software vendors can also make use of hotspots to allow users manage their own hotspot for internet sharing purpose on the go, file sharing on the go and so on. Yes, it is true. A portable hotspot is usually but not always used for internet sharing. We see an increasing number of users begin to use mobile hotspot for files and documents sharing on the go. Shareit is a very popular free file transfer app, which is cross platform as it works with iOS, Android, Windows, PC and Mac; it is also wireless and fast as it make use of the hotspot to exchange data between devices which means it can be much faster than Bluetooth transfer. We have introduced this free data transfer app in several posts earlier, such as this tutorial to share photos between mobile phones and this article about photos and videos sharing between Android and iPhone using this free file sharing app.

Starbucks is a good gathering place for meeting friends. My friend wanted to share videos with me at Starbucks. Luckily both of us are Shareit users. So I start Shareit app on my Xiaomi phone and put my phone to the file receiving mode waiting for him to send my the files via Shareit app.

share mobile data using shareit on android phones

At this moment, I noticed the alert saying my mobile data is active, by turning on hotspot, other users can use my mobile data. Shareit app can help us exchange large files without the internet or mobile data as the data will be exchanged in the local hotspot network. The hotspot tethering however enables other devices to share your cellular data to surf the internet.

Mobile data sharing via Shareit bonus tips
Since Shareit will create an open Wi-Fi hotspot without password, you can’t prevent unauthorized connections from unknown devices. Thus you should close this app when you noticed unknown devices, connections or when it is not in use.

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