How to Share your Location using iPhone?

Smartphones nowadays have the GPS feature to help you quickly find out where you are or how to get somewhere. Today, we will discuss how you can share your current location with friends, family using iPhone. The location services features are very important for us. Many apps make use of our location information to provide us more personalized services. By sharing your location, you can help someone find you or find someone you like to meet at an unfamiliar place. It is also very helpful when you are lost and need someone’s help to give directions. Before you go to use the Apple Maps app or iMessage to share your location or current location on iPhone, you have to make sure to turn on location services on iPhone. Only when this feature is enabled, your GPS location can be used and shared on iPhone iPad or iPod touch.

How to Share your Location using iPhone Maps?

iphone maps appThe pre-install Maps app from Apple offers the easiest way to share your location using an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Just connect to a Wi-fi network or connect to the internet via the cellular data network. Then run the Maps app on iPhone. Your current location will be displayed automatically when the maps app starts. If not, you can tap on the arrow at the bottom left corner to quickly display your current postion in the map and select Share to show your location via AirDrop, Messages, Mail, Twitter, or Facebook. You can also search a place or location you want to share in the map then drop a pin on the location, after that tap the pin and select Share to show your location via AirDrop, Messages, iMessages, Mail, Twitter, or Facebook. When someone received your location via a message, email or else, they can tap on the link or map you shared it will automatically launch them into the Maps app on their own iPhone or iPad. Except the built-in options to share your location, you can also capture the screen on iPhone, then send the captured map with your current location marked in image format to someone you like to catch up through email, MMS. This method allows iPhone users to share their location info with other mobile phone users, such as Android, Samsung, Nokia, BlackBerry, Windows phone, etc. Acutally if you use a cross-plat messaging app, like WeChat, you have greater freedom to share your location info using WeChat on mobile phones.

share your location on iphone maps


How to Share your Location with iMessage?

The iMessages on iPhone can also help you quickly share your current location. Open the chat windows with some contact who is also using iMessage on his/her iPhone or iPad. You can see the Details button at the top right corner in iMessage screen. Just tap Details and then select Share My Current Location or Share My Location. When your friends choose to share their locations, you see them all on one map. The Share My Location option allows you to share your whereabouts with people you choose for an hour, until the end of the day, or indefinitely.

share my location via imessage on iPhone

Share My Current Location vs Share My Location

They are the two options you can share your location information wGPSithin iMessage on iPhone iPad. Share my current location which is pretty much a shortcut to sharing your location from Apple maps app. It is basicaly a link to Apple maps with GPS coordinates, so when some one received your location sharing, they tap on this link to open your location in the Maps app for iPhone. Share My Location option is more like a real-time GPS through which others can see your real-time location. Others can join you in the location sharing on iPhone, so you will know each other’s location in one map. It will be updated automatically other than a static location.

Share location through instant messengers on iPhone

Almost all major IM apps or chat apps allow users to share their location information. You can use a messenger like WhatsApp, WeChat to share your current location with family and friends. Check out this tutorial to share location using Wechat on mobile.