Send and Share your Location using WeChat on Mobile Phones

In an earlier guide, we have introduced how iPhone users can share their location information on their mobile phone through the build-in Apple Maps app and iMessage. This is a feature that is really helpful in our lives. For example it can help others to find us or help us to find other people or nearby places, such as restaurants, theaters, bars, etc. You can refer to this guide to share your location info using iPhone. If you own an Android phone, such as Samsung, Motorola, LG, Lenovo, HTC, how do you send your location info to your friends and family or share your location info with others using your smart phone? Can we share our location info on Windows phone, Nokia, BlackBerry as well? Today, we will discuss how you can send your location info or share your location info using WeChat app on mobile phones, like iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, BlackBerry, Motorola, and many more devices. WeChat is a cross-platform messaging app. With it on your mobile phone, you can share location with your friends or contacts across various mobile OS. For example, Android users can share location with iPhone users, Samsung users can send their location info to Windows phone, and so on.

If you do not have the WeChat app installed or do not have a WeChat account yet, you can refer to this guide to share a location through Google Maps for Android.

How to Share your Location using WeChat on Mobile Phones?

You can go to download WeChat app from Apple App Store, Google Play Store or other app markets. You can also get the download links directly from WeChat official website here,

Launch WeChat app on your mobile phone, switch to the WeChat tab from the bottom on your screen, then tap to open your chat window with the person you like to send your location to or share you location info with. You will get a screen like below.
share your location info using wechat for mobile
Tap on the Plus + icon from the bottom right corner of your chat window in WeChat, it will bring up a tools menu with many useful tools. For example, you can share videos on mobile phones using WeChat from here or make free video calls and voice calls using WeChat and many others useful functions can be found here. Find the Location icon and tap on it, you will get a screen as shown in below screenshot.
send location vs share real-time location through wechat on mobile phone
Now you have the options to send your location or share your real-time location with friends or family in WeChat.

Share your current location through WeChat

The Send Location option is to send your current location on the map to someone you like to share your location info with. Once you choose it, you will open the map with your current position or location marked on it, you can then send it directly to your friends on WeChat.

Also you can find nearby places, such as restaurants, bars, bus stations and more below the map, so you can quickly pick up a known location in the map to share with your friends.

Share real-time location through WeChat

Real-time Location in Wechat works differently. When you enable the real-time location sharing feature in WeChat, you will actually send a location sharing request to your friend, so they can join the location sharing on mobile phones, anyone joined in the real-time location sharing can see other’s location in real time until he or she ends the location sharing in WeChat.

It is very convenient to help you find people using your smart phone. The common use purpose of WeChat real-time location sharing is to help two or more users find each other and conveniently meet up.

Share remote location through WeChat

As we mentioned above, you can find and tag nearby places, such as restaurants, bars, bus stations and more below the map, so you can quickly pick up a known location in the map to share with your friends.

You can also manually search somewhere in the map and send it to your friends. Above the map, there is a ‘search for place’ box, type in any remote place or location and search, then you will see a pin of the searched location in the the center of the map. Drag and drop the map to put the pin on a different location if necessary. Once you have tagged the right location in the map, tap Send button at the top right corner to share it with your friends. In this way, not only your current location can be shared, you can virtually share any location on the map.

If you can’t share location in WeChat app on your smart phone, make sure to enable GPS or location sharing features on the phone. See how to turn on GPS location services on Samsung and Android. For iPhone users, you can refer to this guide to turn on location services on iPhone.

Update Feb 2018: this post was published in 2015 and has since been updated. In this update, remote location sharing through WeChat was added