Share photos & videos between mobile phones using Shareit app

Most modern smart phones include features to support internet connection sharing via personal hotspot, Bluetooth and so on. For example, you can follow these steps to share internet connection between two phones via Bluetooth. If you are using a Samsung Android phone, you can also follow this guide to share internet on Samsung phone via Bluetooth. Private hotspot is widely used for this purpose and has been increasing popular. Almost all smart phones support hotspot tethering now. Check out this tutorial to setup portable hotspot on Xiaomi & Redmi mobile with detailed explanation and screenshots.

A portable hotspot or mobile hotspot does not only enable other devices to access the internet, when one phone, tablet or computer is connected to another via hotspot tethering, you can also make use of this functionality to easily share files and documents wirelessly without even the need for Wi-Fi network or internet connection.

Shareit is a cross platform free file transfer app which works with iOS, Android, Windows phone, PC and Mac. This app makes use of the hotspot technology to help mobile phone users share files and data on their phones, send data from phone to phone, from phone to computer, from computer to phone, etc. We are impressed by its cross platform support, fast transfer speed and clean interface.

In this article, we will show you how this free data transfer app can help us share photos & videos between two mobile phones. We will use two Android mobile phones in this demo, one Samsung galaxy phone and one Xiaomi Redmi phone. As we mentioned above, it also works with other phones and devices, like iPhone, iPad, Windows phones. Check out this guide to transfer photos and videos from Android to iPhone to find out more. To exchange data between two mobile phones using Shareit app, you will have to install it on the sender’s phone. The receiver can choose not to install it, but we strongly recommend it. It is free to download and use currently. Get it from this link now when it is still free.

Share photos & videos between mobile phones using Shareit

Firstly go to setup the hotspot using Shareit app on the receiving phone; secondly connect the sender’s phone to the above hotspot; finally choose photos, videos and other files on the sender’s phone and transfer them to the receiver via hotspot. To do that, follow below instructions.

Step 1. Setup hotspot using Shareit app on the receiving phone

Run Shareit app on the receiver’s phone, the Xiaomi phone in this case, touch Receive button from its home screen, the Shareit app will put your Xiaomi phone into receiving mode and automatically create the private hotspot. If you see the alert “SHAREit is trying to turn WLAN on or off”, make sure to allow it. So this app can set up the hotspot network on your mobile phone. See below screenshot.

shareit app receiving mode on android phone

Step 2. Connect sender’s phone to receiver’s portable hotspot

From the home screen of your Samsung Galaxy phone, go to Settings >> Wi-Fi, then find and connect the Samsung phone to the portable hotspot network we have just created on Xiaomi phone above.

Step 3. Choose and send files

Run Shareit app on the sender’s device, in this case the Samsung phone, touch Send button from its home screen, then browse to Photo tab to choose the photos and videos you like to share, you can also go to Files, Videos, Apps, Music to select more files. Finally touch the Send button at the bottom right corner to proceed.

select photos videos and files in shareit app for android phone

You will then be taken to the device scan and connect screen as below.

shareit app for android to scan and connect other phones

Now simply tap the avatar of the Xiaomi mobile phone to connect and transfer all selected photos, videos and other files from one Android phone to another through the Shareit free file transfer app.

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    1. please scroll up to the last screenshot in the above article, in this ‘Tap avatar to connect’ screen, the ‘HM2A’ device is found, touch on the device name ‘HM2A’ or its icon(avatar) to connect to it. however if the sending device failed to scan or find the receiving device, you will not see any device or avatar in the ‘Tap avatar to connect’ screen.

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