Share photos, videos, music files between HTC mobile phone and PC via Bluetooth

Almost every smartphone and computer support Bluetooth which is ideal for short range data exchange. You can not only use this technology to copy files and document from your phone to computer, computer to phone, but also share data with your friends through mobile phone. Although it might not be good for bulk file migration. When you just need to send or share couple of files, Bluetooth is the best option. Imagine that you are on the go without internet connection or USB data cable, you can still make use of Bluetooth to share files between two phones or between a phone and laptop. In this article, we will share with you the easy steps to send media files, photos, videos, movies, music songs, from an Android phone to PC or vice versa.

We will use an Android powered HTC mobile phone and a Lenovo PC which is running on the Windows 10 OS. If you use other Android phones or Windows laptop or desktop, the screenshot and steps may be slightly different, but the same process should apply. For example, you can also check out following tutorial to share photos and videos on Xiaomi phone with PC via Bluetooth. Samsung Galaxy smartphone users can refer to this guide to share photos, videos, music between Samsung phone and PC.

How to send photos, videos, music files from HTC mobile phone to PC via Bluetooth?

The first step is to establish the connection between HTC mobile phone and computer via Bluetooth. You need to turn on Bluetooth on both PC and HTC, so they can find each other via Bluetooth. On the HTC phone, jump into the Settings >> Bluetooth to turn it on. On the Windows 10 PC, head to the Windows Settings >> Devices (Bluetooth, printers, mouse) >> Bluetooth to enable it. Finally tap the device or computer name to send the Bluetooth pairing request from one device or computer and accept the Bluetooth connection. For more details with screenshots and specific instructions, you can follow these steps to pair HTC phone with PC via Bluetooth.

htc mobile phone to pair pc - bluetooth pairing request

Once your phone and computer are connected via Bluetooth, go to the Notification area at the bottom right corner on your PC, click the Bluetooth icon, choose Receive a file from the pop-up menu, a Bluetooth file transfer dialogue shows up and your Windows PC is in the file receiving mode and ready to accept files sent from other Bluetooth devices.

receive files via bluetooth on windows 10 pc

Now go to open the File Manager on HTC mobile phone to find the media files to send, could they be photos taken on the phone, music songs, recorded videos or any other files. If you want to send photos, videos from HTC phone to computer via Bluetooth, you can launch the Gallery app on the phone, open the album, then tap the Share icon, the Share via menu pops up with various options you can share files, such as Mail, Messages, and so on. Bluetooth is one of them. Choose Bluetooth from the Share via selection screen, then you will be taken to the ‘Select one or more files‘ screen, touch to select photos and/or videos on the phone, tap Next button, the ‘Choose Bluetooth device‘ screen opens from where you can tap your PC name and send the selected photos and videos from HTC to computer.

share photos videos via bluetooth from htc mobile phone

From the Bluetooth file transfer dialogue on your Windows 10 computer, you should see the process of file transfer. Once they are all sent over via Bluetooth, you also have the option to select a location to save the files on your PC.

How to send photos, videos, music files from PC to HTC mobile phone via Bluetooth?

If you want to share data the other way around, open the File Explorer or Windows Explorer on the computer, browse to the files you like to send, select them, then right click on them, choose Send to from the drop-down menu, then choose Bluetooth device from the sub-menu. The Bluetooth file transfer dialogue pops up on your computer screen, choose a destination device, your HTC phone in this demo. Click Next button to proceed. Now you should receive a notification on the phone saying:

Bluetooth share: Incoming file – Do you want to receive this file?

Tap this notification on HTC phone, the “Accept incoming file” dialogue shows up from which you can find source device name, filename and file size. Tap Accept button, the media files will be received and downloaded to your HTC mobile phone. If you sent photos and videos from PC to HTC phone via Bluetooth, you can run the Gallery app, switch to the Albums tab, you should see a Bluetooth folder where all received photos and videos can be found there.

Can’t play videos or movies on HTC phone?

You can virtually send over any videos and movies from computer to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. However your phone may run into video format incompatibility issues sometimes. If you have this problem, you can follow this guide to convert videos to HTC phone using a third-party video converter software.