Share ringtones between Android phones

Do you want to move your favorite ringtone from one phone to another when upgrade to a new phone? Do you like to share some ringtone with family and friends? Unlike photos, videos or other documents that can be sent between two mobile phones easily via email, Bluetooth. Ringtones on the phone are usually more difficult to be found and forwarded, especially those system ringtones that are hidden on the phone. Today, we’ll share with Android users an easy and quick way to send ringtones from one phone to the other wirelessly over Wi-Fi or hotspot. AirDroid is the only app you will need. It can be found and downloaded from Google Play or other Android markets for free. 

Connect both phones via Wi-Fi or Hotspot

If you have Wi-Fi access, connect both mobile phones to the same Wi-Fi network. Otherwise, turn on personal hotspot on one phone, then connect the other phone to the hotspot network. 

You can refer to following article to turn on personal hotspot on Xiaomi phone, just as an example. After that connect the other phone to the Wi-Fi hotspot just like you connect your device to regular Wi-Fi networks. 

Transfer ringtones between Android phones

Run AirDroid on the first mobile phone. Click AirDroid Web in the Transfer tab, you will get two addresses, an alphabetic address and a numeric address, you can use to access the AirDroid Web from the other device. 

airdroid web access addresses on android mobile phone

Open your web browser on the second device and access the AirDroid Web address you get on the first phone. You can use any web browser you have on the phone, Chrome, Firefox, etc. Access the numeric address instead of the alphabetic one as it does not require the subscription.

Tap on Upload file button in blue at the top right corner, browse to the audio or ringtone and send it from the second to the first phone. After that, go to the first phone and activate the received ringtone, audio or recording as the new ringtone from Settings. 

share ringtones between Android mobile phones using AirDroid

You can also select the ringtone and tap Download button to download one ringtones from the first phone to the second phone, then set the downloaded ringtone as the new default ringtone on the second phone. This however will save the ringtones to the Download folder other than the system ringtone folder on the second phone.

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