How to post and share video on WeChat from mobile phones?

WeChat, developed by Tencent, the same company created QQ, is the complete mobile communication and social networking app. WeChat is the best free tool to help you connect with family and friends. You can make Free VoIP phone calls, free voice calls, free video call using it. See how to make free phone calls using WhatsApp WeChat Viber for mobile. You can text your contacts for free. You can also share photos, videos, name card and other data with your contacts without any fee. It is cross-platform. You can use it on all kinds of mobile phones and OS, such as iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, Windows phone, LG, Sony, Motorola, Lenovo, HTC and more Android phones.

Instant messaging apps or chat apps like WeChat, QQ, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber offer a lot of useful features now. Check out below tutorials see more extended possibilities.

How to post & share video on WeChat from mobile phones?

There are different ways, you can send videos from phone to phone using WeChat. In the Chats windows, you can tap on the Photo or Image button to import videos from your Camera Roll or video album on iPhone and share with other mobile phone users who have the WeChat app installed. It is cross-platform, so you can transfer videos freely between various phones, such as from iPhone to Samsung, Samsung to iPhone, iPhone to Android phones, Android to iPhone, iPhone to BlackBerry, and so on. Run WeChat app on your mobile phone, switch to the Chats window from the bottom of WeChat app. Tap to open a conversation with your friend in WeChat, you will see a screen like below.

share videos on mobile phone using wechat

From above screenshot, you can find different ways to post video on WeChat or share video on WeChat. Tap on Photo, you can browse to the photos and videos saved in your Gallery or Camera Roll on the phone, then post a video on WeChat. You can also press the Camera button to take a live video and share with other WeChat users on different mobile phones. In the recent build, WeChat 6.0 for iPhone, WeChat 6.0 for Android, you can find a new Sight feature, which also help mobile phone users to share their video clips. You can post & share video on WeChat & WeChat moments since WeChat V6.0. WeChat Sight is the easiest way to post video to WeChat Moments.

share photos and sight videos in wechat moments on iphone

Sight features in WeChat helps users capture 6-second video clips and share with their contacts through Chats or Moments. Unlike other video sharing methods using WeChat, the Sight video capture and sharing feature will limit the video length to only 6 seconds, and the captured videos will automatically play when a logged-in user is connected to either 3G or Wi-Fi. Also you can’t save or send sight videos to your phone by default. Please refer to this tutorial to send & save sight videos from Wechat to computers. Other photos and videos received in Wechat for mobile can be saved to your Gallery or Camera Roll on Android or iPhone, long press on the media file you want to save to reveal the save option and follow on-screen tips to save photos and videos in WeChat. Similar to other video sharing through WeChat, all videos will be compressed automatically to save your bandwidth before you transfer them through the internet.

If you have videos saved in Cameral Roll on iPhone, Gallery album on Samsung or other Android phones, you can follow this guide to upload & share any videos to WeChat Moments on mobile phones. This method requires your videos on mobile phone to be uploaded to a third party hosting, either video sharing service or your own website or blogs. After that you can share the videos on Wechat Moments.

WeChat is a cross platform app works with all kinds of mobile phones and OS, such as iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, Windows phone, LG, Sony, Motorola, Lenovo, HTC and more Android phones. Following above tips, you will be able to post video on WeChat from your smartphones. It is a great fun to share video on WeChat with family and friends.

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  1. Hi..can u advise me how to share a short video from my phone library on we chat moment as what u said we should send vdeo to 3rd party and favorite the video at 1st place and done unfortunately “share video on moment” doesnt appear on the option

  2. My WeChat is 6.06 so dunno if that’s up to date .. on my Windows Lumia 1020 …

    Yes uploading videos to youtube , copying and pasting links etc is like … retrograde step
    At first I thought wechat is trying to conserve data/credit, in case the receipient is roaming and
    will go bust in no time playing a video.

    1. V6.0.6 is the latest version for Windows phone users. I also find some users complaining it can’t share video using WeChat on Windows phone. This is a feature has been rolled out for iPhone and android for very long time. So Tecent may add this feature soon. I am not familiar with Windows phone. Following are just some tips:
      1. On iPhone there is an “open in…” feature which we can make use to send the video from a file manager or other app to WeChat and send it to any weChat contact or group. On Samsung Android phone, there will be a Share via option which we can also send a video from a file manager or other app to WeChat and share the video through it. so you may check whether Windows Lumia has similar function or not.
      2. WeChat for Windows phone has introduced the Sight features since V6.0.2. You can use it to take short videos and share them with friends in a chat or via Moments as well.
      3. The data usage issue as you mentioned above should not be the problem. At least iPhone and Android users can directly send photos, videos to anyone in their contact list through WeChat. Firstly of all, we can limit the Sights videos autoplay when we are connected to internet via WiFi. Secondly when you receive other videos in chats, the video will Not play or download automatically. I guess what WeChat download is just a thumbnail of the actual video, it only plays and download on your phone when you touch the play button. People have the option to only read the messages or texts when they are using the cellular data, and watch the videos only when Wi-fi is available.

  3. I use WeChat with Nokia Lumia 920.

    I hope to send a message and attach a video clip from my album. I could not find this feature. It only allows attachment of photos.

    Please adv how to attached video clips that are already in my phone.

    1. with recent WeChat app versions, you can click the Images button to browse to all Images & Videos in your Gallery app, videos clips will be displayed with a video icon at the bottom left corner of the videos, you can then pick up any video clips and send them through wechat messages.

      1. Hi Mat, are you using windows phone.. if so, can you advise where to find this Images button? I am on Lumia-1020 windows 8.1. I like to be able to upload videos from my phone.. thanks

        1. Hi Alex,
          I do not have a windows phone. Following is what I found on both Android and iPhone. WeChat may differ in appearance or design across different platforms, on various WeChat versions.
          In WeChat for Android, I can see there is an Images button, when I touch it, it opens the Gallery on my Android phone, where i can pick up and share both photos and videos.
          In WeChat for iPhone, there is a Photos button where we can choose and add both photos and videos.

          1. Thanks Matt..
            apparently this feature is not available on my Windows phone. Touching the + icon in a chat reveals Photo, Camera, Sight etc icons.. The [photo] icon can only read and upload images (but not videos) … which means I have to upload a video to youtube, and then link friends to there .. very long winded .. never mind .. I wait till microsoft get this looked at one day !

          2. You are welcome.
            To upload the video to youtube and share the link to it is a workaround. But requires many extra steps.
            Is your Wechat app up-to-date?

  4. I am trying to send a saved video from my phone, but my contact never receive it. I tried sending it by Web we chat as well, same problem. I tried different size of video, none of them work.

    1. Can you see any error before, during or after the sending? Normally when a video can’t be delivered via WeChat, you should see a red exclamation mark in front of the video. When the video is very large, you will be prompted. Any videos may be compressed by WeChat before sending.
      You can also ask some contact to send you a video see if you can receive video through Wechat.
      Do you use Samsung, iPhone or others? If you both use iPhone you can send videos via iMessages as well.

    2. *****In response to your last email*****
      Hi Patrick,

      Most likely this could be a temporary network issue. Try send the same video you just received to the one who sent it to you see if any update. Or try very short videos say a video that is just 2 or 3 seconds, less than 3mb to different contacts.

      FYI, some of the most frequently seen problems that may cause the issue:
      1. Temporary network issue on your side. You can switch to a fast wifi network. Or try again later.
      2. Temporary network or server issue on WeChat. We have to wait for it to be back and up.
      3. The one you are trying to send file to has blocked you.
      4. WeChat app bugs. For example you may need to upgrade to latest version. Or sometimes WeChat has incompatibility problem across different mobile OS.

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