Share WeChat videos via email on iPhone?

“I have a WeChat video like to send to a family member who does not have WeChat, how can I convert a wechat video to a email video or text video?”

wechat messenger for mobileWeChat provides us a good way to stay connected with family and friends. Sometimes however you received a video in WeChat and want to share the video with someone who does not have WeChat. In this case you can actually save the video from WeChat to your phone, then attach the video to email and share the Wechat video via email.

To do that, you can firstly play the video in WeChat, then long press on the video to bring up the menu and choose ‘Save Video’, after that the video will be saved to the Camera Roll on iPhone. [Refer to this guide to save sight videos in WeChat, it is different from regular videos.] Open the Photos app on iPhone, find the video in Camera roll, choose Share icon, then Mail, the video will be compressed and attached to a new email on iPhone automatically. Finally compose the email and send to anyone you like. If you have not added your email account to iPhone yet, you can refer to this tutorial to add Hotmail account to iPhone. It is not only Hotmail, any other IMAP and POP emails can also be configured on the iPhone. If you ran into problem setting up your email account on the phone, let us know in the comment section below.