Share your WiFi network using a QR code

Do you like to share your Wi-Fi network with friends at home but hate giving out your passwords? QR code is a great solution to that. You can create a QR code for your Wi-Fi network, so your friends can use their smartphone to scan the QR codes for WiFi access. They do not even bother asking for your WiFi name or password. No one needs to type in the Wi-Fi password manually. You do not need even to remember the password, possibly long and complicate, for your Wi-Fi network once the QR code was made.

Create a QR code for your WiFi network

You need a QR code generator. You should find a lot of web tools that can make QR codes for your WiFi network. They are typically free. If you don’t feel comfortable when you type in your WiFi credentials into a form and submit to remote server, you can download and use a desktop software. Our favorite QR code creator comes with ShareX, a free screen capture, file sharing and productivity tool. It is a free and open source software for Windows users. You can download it from this link.

To create QR code using it is easy. Run ShareX on your PC. Click Tools >> QR codes to open the QR code generator. Type in your WiFi credentials in the box, the QR code for your WiFi will be displayed instantly.

Here is the syntax for Wi-fi network configuration for both Android and iOS.


Your network authentication type can be WEP or WPA. SSID is your Wi-Fi name. For example, if your WiFi authentication type is WPA, network name is softwarert, Wifi password is 123456789, then input WIFI:T:WPA;S:softwarert;P:123456789;; into the QR code maker to get the QR code for your Wi-Fi network. See below screenshot.

generate qr code for wifi network using sharex on windows PC

Share your WiFi network via QR code

You can then save the QR code for WiFi access as a image file on your PC, print it out to paper, or send it to your mobile phone.

Ask your friends to scan the above QR code using the Camera app or other QR code reader app on their mobile phone or tablet. To connect to your Wi-Fi network, all he/she has to do is scan the QR code, then one tap to confirm and instantly connect. No password typing required! Your WiFi password will be hidden.

Some smartphones with the native support to QR codes scanning typically in the stock Camera app, such as the Mi phones and iPhone. You can follow this guide to scan QR code on Xiaomi & Redmi phones and refer to following article about scanning QR codes on iPhone using the Camera app, no separate QR code scanner app required.

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  1. Can you do all of this using your smartphone? I have a Samsung galaxy 7,or do you have to do whole process with computer,then connect to phone,tablet?

    1. Yes, you can do it all on your mobile phone. The above guide makes use of a desktop software to generate the QR code. other than that you can also search and use a QR code generator app on your Android phone or even use a online QR code creator.

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