Share Xiaomi Redmi phone internet connection with a computer

There may come a time where you need to share internet connection between your mobile phone and computer. There are different ways you can share internet connection from Xiaomi with a PC or share internet connection on the PC with a Xiaomi phone. In an earlier guide, we showed how you can set up mobile hotspot on Xiaomi and Redmi phones so you can share Xiaomi internet connection or cellular data with a computer and other phones or tablets via Wi-Fi. In fact, if you like to share Xiaomi internet connection with a computer via USB, you can turn on USB tethering on the mobile to achieve that. To do that, follow these steps.

Unlock your Xiaomi Redmi phone. Make sure to connect your Xiaomi or Redmi phone via Cellular data or Wi-Fi first. Connect your Xiaomi or Redmi phone to PC using its USB data cord. From the home screen, select Settings >> Network >> More >> Tethering & portable hotspot >> USB tethering. Slide on the USB tethering option here to share Xiaomi Redmi internet connection with your computer.

enable usb tethering on xiaomi or redmi mobile phone

Now go to your PC, try to browse the web to make sure your computer is also connected to the internet via your Xiaomi Redmi phone.

Want to share computer internet connection with Xiaomi or Redmi phone?

USB tethering allows you to share the internet connection of the phone or tablet with other devices such as laptops, desktop by physical connection using a cable through USB. If you like to reverse the internet sharing, you can set up mobile hotspot on the computer to share its internet connection with mobile phones and tablets. Windows 10 has the built-in support to mobile hotspot. Check out this simple process to setup mobile hotspot on Windows 10 PC. When the configuration is complete, you can connect any Wi-Fi enabled devices to the hotspot on your PC and get the devices connected to the internet through your PC.