SHAREit connect computer and Android via Hotspot

Is it possible to connect your Windows PC or Mac computer to Android mobile phone for wireless file sharing using SHAREit app without Wi-Fi networks?

File sharing between computers and mobile phones without Wi-Fi networks or internet access can be a real challenge. SHAREit has provided users a great alternative to Wi-fi Networks for wireless file transfer.

Other than Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi network, this app can create a hotspot(local only hotspot) and other devices will be able to connect to it. In this way, you can create a direct connection with the other devices without Bluetooth or Wi-Fi networks.

Note that this hotspot is to be created within the SHAREit app, not the Wi-Fi hotspot from your Android Settings.

Check out the following video tutorial for more specific instructions.

It is the same to connect a Windows PC to Android via SHAREit hotspot. Basically you need to enable the built-in hotspot in SHAREit app on the mobile first, then connect your computer to this portable hotspot just like how you connect it to regular Wi-Fi network. Only after that, you can access SHAREit web share from computer without Wi-Fi networks.

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