ShareX disable recent task & history

When you take a screenshot with ShareX on Windows computer, the captured image or screen will be copied to clipboard, saved to your computer hard drive, and uploaded to Imgur so you can share with others over the web. If you like to change or disable these actions, click After capture tasks from the left pane of the main window, then turn off any of these options from the sub-menu.

Other than that, you may also noticed that the recent tasks or screen captures can also be found from the main windows of the ShareX screen capture, the Image history tab and/or the tray menu. If you don’t want to save or show the screenshots, you can choose not to save the history or hide the screen captures following below steps.

From the main window, navigate to Application settings > History.

ShareX disable recent task & history, delete screenshots history

Then click to turn off Save tasks to history, Save recent tasks, Show recent tasks in main window on startup, Show recent task in tray menu, In tray menu show most recent tasks first.

Note that, the main window still displays the most recent tasks or screen captures after the change of above settings. You can simply close the ShareX program. The program will not save the screenshots history and they won’t be displayed the next time you run it. Make sure to close ShareX program instead of minimizing it to the icon tray.