ShareX multi-region mode

ShareX is well-known as the best free and open source screen capture for Windows. It lets you easily capture or record any area of your screen and share it with a single press of a key. Many users know how to use ShareX to capture full screen, a window or a region of the screen. But still more users don’t know it can even capture multiple nonadjacent regions or areas. For example, you can capture several paragraphs, say paragraph 1, 4, 7, on a long web page, and save them into one screenshot, much easier than taking multiple screenshots and stitching them together. This is one of the hidden features nested under sub-menus. You can follow below instructions to turn it on.

Run ShareX, open its main window, click Task settings from the left navigation panel. Once the Task settings opens in a new window, navigate to Capture > Region capture, click to enable the option ‘Use multi region mode which will also allow resizing and moving regions’, then close the Task settings and you are done.

ShareX enable multi-region mode

Since then when you click to quickly select a region or click and drag your mouse to select a region or area, the screenshot won’t be taken immediately, but you will have to option to refine or correct your selection, select and add more regions. Once you finished the selections, press Enter key on the keyboard to capture all regions or areas in one screenshot.