Quickly Show Desktop on Mac

How to quickly locate a file on your Mac desktop when you have many applications running with different windows on desktop? We know that on Windows PC, to show the desktop, you can simply use the shortcut Ctrl+D. Is there a keyboard shortcut to hide all open windows on the screen of a Mac machine? Mac OS X is very user friendly and intuitive overall. However there are still some features are hidden or not so obvious. For example you can refer to this tutorial to disable iMessage Read Receipts on Mac and this guide shows how to restore files from emptied trash bin on Mac.

Can I quickly show my desktop on Mac? Yes , it is really simple, just press F11 on your keyboard to hide all active windows on your Mac desktop and show the desktop.

In fact Mac OS X allows you to change the default key to hide app windows on desktop as you like. To do that, you can click on the Apple menu on the top menu bar, then choose System Preferences. From the View menu, choose Exposé & Spaces. Click on Expose tab. You will see a window as below.

quickly hide all app windows and show desktop on Mac