Show, hide, add and change subtitles in VLC media player

Many movies, TV shows, videos come with subtitles. They can not only help audience understand the movies or videos being watched, but also serves as a very effective auxiliary language learning and teaching method. If your media files do not come with subtitles, you can also use a capable media player to add subtitles to the movies or videos. VLC Media Player is a good option. You can use it to enable or show, disable or hide, add and change subtitles for movies and videos.

Display or hide subtitles in VLC media player

Launch the media player on your computer, click Media menu, select Open Files, Open Multiple Files, Open Folder or Open Disc to open and play the movies or videos using this media player. Then click Subtitle >> Sub Track >> Disable to hide subtitles or go to Subtitle >> Sub Track and choose an available subtitle to display or change a new subtitle or language when playing the movie.

Download, add new subtitles to movies or videos in VLC media player

If your movie does not provide any subtitles or you cannot find the subtitles or languages you want, you can also download the movies subtitles online, then add them to the movies using VLC media player.

Many websites provide free subtitles you can download. For example, you can download movies subtitles from,, Subscene,, and so on.

VLV movie player supports various subtitle formats, including *.cdg, *.idx, *.srt, *.sub, *.utf, *.ass, *.ssa, *.aqt, *.jss, *.psb, *.rt, *.smi, *.txt, *.smil, *.stl, *.usf, *.dks, *.pjs, *.mpl2, *.mks, *.vtt.

To add new subtitles to movies or videos in VLC media player is extremely easy. Play the movie or video using the media player, click Subtitle > Add Subtitle File to find and add your subtitles to the movie or video being played using VLC Media Player.

add subtitle to movies, dvd, videos in vlc media player

Subtitles and movies out of sync

If the subtitles are not synced well with your movies, you will need to edit all the time stamps in the subtitle file using a professional subtitle editor software or trim the movie or video file accordingly.

Load the subtitles automatically

If you want VLC player to display the subtitles automatically when you play a movie, you can simply put the subtitle in the same directory with your video, rename the subtitle file to the same name as the movie (different extension). After that every time you run VLC to play the movie, the player will load the subtitle automatically. You can also choose to add subtitles to a movie permanently in the so-called hardsub way which will merge the subtitles file and video file into one meanwhile you lose the option to hide subtitles. The subtitle will always be displayed when the movie is being played.