Sign documents on iPhone iPad

Are you looking for an iPhone app for signing documents? If your iPhone is running on iOS 9.0 or a later version, you can directly sign documents, PDF files on iPhone using the Markup signature tool without any third-party apps for signing documents. The Markup tools on iPhone can help you add drawings, text, a signature, and more to photos and PDF attachments. You can access and use the Markup tools and the signature tool from different apps on iPhone. You will be able to sign documents from Mail, Notes, iBooks, Photos, etc. If you have a contract, agreement or other document need to sign quickly, you can scan the document to PDF using the Notes app for iPhone or use a professional scanner app for iPhone to scan documents to PDF on iPhone for better result and more customization, then create your electronic signature on iPhone, and stamp your signature on the document on iPhone. Or you can take a picture of the document, and sign on the picture on iPhone. How do you sign documents when you are on a trip? Let your employee, client or business partner send the documents to your email, you can then sign on it with your digital signature remotely using your iPhone. Here’s how to sign documents on iPhone remotely?

Sign documents, PDF received through email on iPhone

You will need access to your email account from iPhone. Setup your email account in the Mail app first. See these steps to add Hotmail account to iPhone, just as an example.

Open the email which has the documents, PDF doc or other files attached. Open the attachment in Mail app on iPhone. iPhone lets users directly open or preview various file types in the Mail app, such as photos, PDF files and so on. Open the mail document, tap the Markup tool(pen icon) at the top right corner, you can then see various markup tools at the screen bottom, tap Add (+ inside a circle) to show the pop-up menu and choose Signature.

sign pdf documents on iphone using markup signature tool

You can then create a digital signature on iPhone if not yet. Sign your name using your figure on iPhone screen to create the electronic signature. See below figure.

create digital signature on iphone using markup signature tool

If you have already saved signature before, you can directly tap on your signature to add it to the document. Drag your digital signature to move it to any place over the document or drag the corner of the box in or out to resize it. When you stamped signature on the document, tap Done, you will have the option to reply the current email with the signed PDF document or attach it to a new message and send it to a different recipient from Mail app on iPhone.