Simple HTTP Server for Mac

Need to share some files with your colleagues or setup basic html website on your machine? It’s very simple with Simple HTTP Server. Just click ‘Start server’ and choose a folder to share. The url already in your clipboard.

How to quickly start a simple HTTP server on Mac?

Run the Simple HTTP Server app from Launchpad. Unlike many other regular apps, the program doesn’t show you a window after you launch it. You will find it in the status bar, toward the right end of the Apple top menu bar. Click Simple HTTP Server icon to show its menu, and click Start Server. You will then be prompted to choose a folder in Finder. Click Open button to start a simple web server from the selected directory on Mac.

start web server, http server on Mac using Simple HTTP Server app

Connect Mac HTTP server from other devices

Any other devices connected to the same Wi-Fi can access the HTTP address, provided by Simple HTTP Server, through web browsers. Your Mac serves as a local web server, others can connect to your Mac to view or download files using their computers, mobile phones and tablets.

Verify HTTP server, test website on Mac

You can test the local HTTP server immediately by opening the following URL in any web browser on your Mac:


Download it for free on Mac App Store here. (It seems this app is no longer available in the App Store)


  • Mac File Share: If you setup HTTP server on Mac for file sharing and transfer, you can also make use of Mac’s built-in file sharing feature. Check out these steps to connect Mac File Share from Windows PC.
  • SHAREit: a free application that can transfer various files between all platforms and devices in seconds.

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