Slideshow and Gallery Modes: Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe Review

Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe separates all flash templates into two different modes: Slideshow and Gallery Modes. You can switch between them whenever you need – the Gallery Mode and the Slideshow Mode.

Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe is one of the most popular photo to Flash creators and makers. You can create photo slideshows, web galleries with it in a few minutes without any learning curve. It is free to download and extremely easy to use with good workflow.

Slideshow and Gallery Modes of Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe

Slideshow Mode of Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe

You can make personalized slideshow with transition/motion effects, animated text and more other vector or decorative elements. Compared to the Gallery Mode, the templates under the Slideshow Mode are with much higher capacity to customize.

Your work under the Slideshow Mode with Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe can be divided into bellow five stages (Compared to the Gallery Mode which has only three stages workflow, it is relatively a bit more ‘complicate’, however it is almost intuitive and it turns out that most users would be amazed by its simplicity.)

1. Add Photos from your computer bellow the ‘Browse’ tab;

2. Select Template from the ‘Template’ tab;

3. Add transition and motion effects bellow the ‘Effect’ tab;

4. Optionally decorate your photos;

5. Publish and share your flash photo slideshows.

Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe lets you save a project in SWF, HTML, XML, EXE and SCR. A flash slideshow in SWF, HTML, XML formats are ideal to be published and shared over the internet, an EXE output allows you to play it on your computer with no internet access. A SCR slideshow is your beautiful slideshow that you can use as your computer screen saver.

Gallery Mode of Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe

Starting with adding photos and picking out a fantastic gallery template, you could then publish gorgeous gallery in multiple formats. It has never been so easy and fast!


In the Gallery Mode of Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe, you will find less options and phrases you need to go through when creating a flash gallery with your photos. However here you can actually get much more impressive results. It is because most of the templates under the Gallery Mode are dynamic 3D Flash templates, highly enhanced with fancy design and effects. The output flash galleries under Gallery Mode are actually XML driven Flash SWF slideshows. Each flash gallery comes with a set of files including HTML, XML, SWF and other image source files. Compared to other self-contained SWF files, the XML driven SWF files are much lighter which make them ideal to be hosted and shared on the web with much faster streaming speed.


Slideshow Mode and Gallery Mode of Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe are one of the most outstanding features of this flash slideshow gallery maker, to check out some slideshow demos, you may check out this page: Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe.

To create a photo flash slideshow with it, you can refer to this guide: How to Maker Flash Slideshows with Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe?

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