How to make a slideshow on Youtube for FREE?

If you just want some very basic slideshow for Youtube for private or personal use, you can actually use the online free tool to make a video for Youtube. What you need to do is to upload your own photos, then apply transitions, add music, etc. This is a free Youtube slideshow maker online provided by Youtube. You do not need to search for any online Youtube slideshow maker elsewhere. Apart from photo slideshows, you can also share your videos on YouTube directly. In case you run into video incompatibility issues, simply convert your videos to Youtube format before publishing them online. We will not discuss YouTube video making here though. Back to the topic, how can you make a slideshow for Youtube for free? Following are the detailed instructions. Just log on your Youtube account from web browser, you can find it from the admin panel, follow below steps you will be able to create a free Youtube slideshow online.

How to make a slideshow on Youtube for FREE?

Step 1. Log on Youtube here.

create youtube photo slideshow free online

Step 2. Create Youtube photo slideshow online.
Click the Upload button from the right top corner. You will find a Photo Slideshow menu item from the right side. Click the Create button below this option.

Step 3. Upload photos from computer to Youtube slideshow.

upload photos to free youtube slideshow maker online

You can select the photos for slideshow from your Google + account directly. Alternatively you can also click the Upload Photos link to select source photos from your computer and upload to the free Youtube slideshow maker online.

Step 4. Rearrange photos in Youtube slideshow.

rearrange youtube slideshow photos with free youtube slideshow maker online

Now you have the chance to rearrange photos selected or uploaded. Click and drag any photo to change its sequence in the slideshow.

Step 5. Edit photos and slideshow online.

edit youtube slideshow online with free youtube slideshow maker

In this screen, you can pick up an online free music as the slideshow background music. You will also be able to customize your photo slideshows including the slide duration, effect and transition.

Step 6. Upload slideshow to Youtube.

upload youtube photo slideshow from free youtube slideshow maker to

Once you are done with the slideshow editing in last step, click the Upload button on the bottom right corner to upload the slideshow from this free Youtube slideshow creator to

Step 7. Publish slideshow on Youtube.

publish youtube photo slideshow online

Before you hit the Publish button on the top right corner, you need to edit its settings, such as slideshow title, description, tags, and choose a video thumbnail.

Disadvantages of the Free Youtube slideshow maker online

This free Youtube slideshow maker online is very easy to use. It offers basic features to help you create photo slideshows for Youtube online without any fee or software installation on local computer. But you would also find it lacks features to help you build professional photo slideshows, slideshow movies. For example, it does not allow you to upload your own music, voice or audio files. It does not allow you to customize the background music, add multiple audio files for long slideshows. There is only one slide effect you can choose. There are only 14 basic transitions you can use. Although you can add text to slideshow photos using this free Youtube slideshow maker online, you will find the text added just floats over the image, without any transition or motion effects. You can’t upload and include any video clip along with other photos in a slideshow using this free Youtube slideshow maker. There are no cliparts at all.

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