Slow YouTube on iPad – Problems and Fixes

Having any problem connecting to YouTube on your iPad? Are you bothered with the slow connection to YouTube on your iPad? We put together several fixes and solutions for who having Youtube iPad slow problems bellow.

Slow YouTube on iPad Problems and Fixes

 YouTube on iPad Problems and Fixes

The first thing you can check is the WiFi or 3G singals, if your have strong WiFi or 3G signals and you can load everything very fast with Safari, also experience fast throughput in other applications, check bellow potential fixes. Another solution is to connect a second device(an iPhone, another iPad, or else) to the internet to see if it also experiences slowness.

1. Change DNS severs on iPad

Some users found that using an alternate DNS server can alleviate the YouTube slowness problem on iPad. You can change the iPad system DNS server to free services like Open DNS or Google DNS to see if it resolves the issues on Youtube.

◦Tap Settings on iPad

◦Tap Wi-Fi on the left-hand side

◦Tap the blue arrow next to your current Wireless network

◦Tap the DNS field and enter, for Open DNS or and for Google Public DNS.

◦Exit Settings

Now try to play videos on Youtube again to see if any update.

2. Fixing slow YouTube in Safari on your iPad

You can watch YouTube video on iPad in different ways. Except the YouTube App for iPad, you can also get on YouTube using safari, your default iPad browser. Whenever you meet any YouTube problems on iPad using Safari, such as slow loading, frequent buffling, YouTube misfunctioning like can’t subscribe, etc. You can always try to clear your browser history, cache or cookies, then restart iPad and try again.
See: How to Clear Safari Browser Cache on iPad? and How to clear Safari history/ cache on iPad?

3. Turn off auto-brightness & Adjust brightness – Odd but works for many users

Not sure if any software bugs of the iPad software, an odd yet effective fix to rectify the issue is to simply turn off auto-brightness on your iPad and adjuct brightness upward and off the lowest setting.

To do this, tap Settings, then select “Brightness & Wallpaper” from the left-hand pane. Slide the auto-brightness option to off. Slide the brightness bar upward.

If you have very weak signal with slow data transfer on any device (iPads, iPhones, PC, etc) in the same network, you will need to fix your Wi-Fi issues instead of doing anything on your iPad. And this post could probably fix your YouTube iPad problems.

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