Sony 4K Ultra HD Media Player

We have seen 4K TVs in 2014. 4K technology is developing very fast in the past year. But they are way expensive. In CES this year, we can see many more 4K TV from more big companies like Samsung, Sony, LG, TCL, and more. 1080P HD TV is still the mainstream. CES International 2015 is dominated by 4K “Ultra HD” televisions. Will 2015 be the year of 4K TV? It might be too earlier to predict. There are at least two important factors we have to consider. Money is first thing we concern about. Many people are expecting the price to go down as the technology becomes more popular, more and more TV manufacturers have entered into the market. Price is not all. Content is king. Right now there is not enough 4K content. We can’t expect 4K TV broadcasts or dedicated 4K TV channels would be available soon. What’s the benefits of 4K TVs if you have only 4K TV but no 4K movies, videos, TV shows to play. Sony 4K Ultra HD Media Player is a great 4K video source.

sony 4k uhd tv

Sony 4K Ultra HD Media Player Highlights

  • Upgrade your current 4K Ultra HD TV
  • 50 4K titles preloaded
  • Download 4K movies to watch any time (over 200 titles) from Video Unlimited 4K and stream Netflix
  • A built-in, 1TB hard drive saves your personal 4K videos from 4K camcorder, video converters.
  • More brilliant expanded color with TRILUMINOS color
Sony 4K Ultra HD Media Player FMP-X10

Sony 4K Ultra HD Media Player Availability

Sony 4K Ultra HD Media Player is a very good source for 4K content. Sony FMP-X10 media player is available on Amazon for $699. You can find out more details of this Sony 4K Ultra HD Media Player from the official site link here.

Sony 4K Ultra HD Media Player Compatibility

As to the compatibility of the Sony 4K Ultra HD Media Player (FMP-X10), it is compatible with many 4K Ultra HD TVs from a variety of brands. You can play these 4K videos with the Media Player using Sony 4K Ultra HD TVs or other 4K TVs from Samsung, LG and Panasonic and other brands.

Sony 4K Ultra HD Media Player Alternative

If you have traditional SD, HD videos and movies or DVDs, you can also convert these video sources into 4K ultra HD videos using a professional video converter. You can find the tools and steps to Convert & Edit 4K Videos here. This is not bad when you want to play your favorite DVDs, videos and movies that are incompatible with 4K TVs.