Sony A77 and A65 firmware update v1.05 free download

On 29 March 2012, Sony released the latest firmware Version 1.05 for Sony SLT-A77 and Sony SLT-A65. This firmware update sharpens camera responses for α77 and α65 cameras. It also supports aberration/vignetting compensation for more lenses. Firmware Version 1.05 adds several enhancements to both cameras. Alongside heightened responsiveness, it improves operability of both cameras with a wider choice of A-mount optics by Carl Zeiss and Sony.

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1. Shading and aberration compensation

Both cameras can now intelligently correct vignetting, lateral chromatic aberration and distortion for a total of 11 A-mount lenses, including a further six models that are now supported:

SAL-24F20Z (Carl Zeiss)
SAL-85F14Z (Carl Zeiss)
SAL-135F18Z (Carl Zeiss)
SAL-70300G (G Lens)

Sony A77 and A65 firmware update v1.05 free download

2. Improved responses

It’s no secret that Sony’s A77 and A65 SLT cameras have suffered from noticeable lag when it comes to adjusting exposure settings, among other things. Specifically, you’ll be noticing faster cold startups shutdowns, quicker response times from the front and rear dials and faster access to images in auto review.

Operability of both cameras is further improved with a number of refinements that facilitate smoother, faster handling.

Auto review responses are now quicker, without a ‘processing’ message being displayed
Time between power switch operation and power off has been shortened
Front/rear dial responses are improved

3. Autofocus responses and precision

The A77 gets an extra bonus for its autofocus system that improves its abilities in high-contrast environments. Autofocus accuracy is now improved when focusing on scenes with wide contrast difference between objects (applies to SLT-A77 only). In addition, AF speed is improved when using both cameras with the recently-announced SAL500F40G 500mm F4 G SSM super-telephoto lens by Sony. You’ll be able to focus faster on athletes, wildlife and other distant subjects with this bright, high-magnification lens that is available exclusively to order.

Firmware version 1.05 for the α77/α65 Translucent Mirror cameras by Sony is available for free download.

Sony A77/A65 firmware V1.05 update FREE download