Sony Camera Photo Recovery

“I deleted all my photos taken during my Hong Kong travel by mistake. I never thought that lost images could be retrieved from a formatted SD card! Thanks a lot for your Sony photo recovery software!”

sony camera photo recoveryWhen people accidentally delete photos from their camera or format its SD card, they may not think it is possible to recover their lost data. Unlike a computer where we can restore the deleted files from the trash bin, we can not undelete or undo the operation on our cameras. When you deleted photos or videos from your Sony camera or camcorder, do not worry. You can get them back.

To restore your lost photos on your Sony device, you have to stop using it immediately, then download and install the Sony photo recovery software on your PC or Mac computer, connect your Sony to computer or you can also take its memory card off the camera and connect the SD card to computer via a card reader instead, after that run the photo recovery program on your computer to retrieve your lost image files from the camera. When a photo or video is deleted, the operating system for the camera will delete important information about this file, which makes the file not readable any more. Meanwhile the space used by this photo or video can be overwritten by other data. Before they are overwritten by new files, we still have the last chance to extract the raw data of the deleted photos and videos to restore them to computer. We will break down the Sony camera photo recovery process into easy-to-follow steps below. Want to recover photos from Sony mobile? Check out this article about deleted photos and videos recovery from Sony Xperia phones.

How to Get Back Lost Photos from Sony Cameras?

You need to download the data recovery software firstly. It comes with both Mac and PC versions.

It can not only recover photos from Sony cameras, but also many other cameras and brands. For instance, you can help you recover photos from Nikon, recover photos from Canon and many others. Are you ready to get started now? Run Photo Recovery on your Mac or PC, you should see a screen like below.

sony camera photo recovery

It shows you how you can connect your device to computer. You can directly connect up your Sony camera to computer via USB. Then click the Start button from the home screen of this Photo Recovery program. After that you will see a screen like this:

select sony camera to scan and recover photo

From here, you need to choose your Sony camera which should be displayed as an external drive. If the memory card or your digital camera cannot appear as a drive letter when connected to computer, use an USB card reader to connect your memory card to computer. Please refer to this guide to recover files from SD Card. Sometimes you may find such a built-in card reader in some computers. Select the volume letter or drive letter for your Sony camera, and click the Scan button on the bottom right corner to allow the Photo Recovery application to explore your camera and its memory card for the deleted, lost or formatted photos and videos. When the scanning completes, you should see an interface as below.

recover photos from sony camera

This is the scanning result page which displays all recoverable files, including all kinds of media files, music files, photos, videos. You can preview the photos in thumbnail before you recover them from your Sony to computer. You can narrow down your search for specific photos using the built-in filters and search functions.

Sony Camera photo recovery tips

To avoid data overwriting, stop using your camera and take out its memory card before you recover them. This is very important to successful photo recovery from your camera.

It can recover photos and videos from PC, Mac machines, camera, external hard drives, memory cards, USB drives and other external storage devices. You can also use it to recover data from your smartphone memory cards. If your photos were saved in the internal memory of your phone, you need to use another recovery tool, such as data recovery for Android phones.

Sony Camera photo recovery FAQ

  1. Question: Can I recover pictures from a formatted SD card?
    Answer: Yes. You should be able to recover your lost image files from formatted SD card or memory card.
  2. Question: What kind of files does this photo recovery tool support?
    Answer: It can recover multimedia files in a wide range of formats, including all images, videos and audio file types.
  3. Question: Can I recover inaccessible or corrupted pictures?
    Answer: Yes, you can.
  4. Question: Can it recover RAW pictures from Sony camera?
    Answer: Yes, you can.
  5. Question: How long does it takes to recover my lost photos?
    Answer: It depends on the size and usage of your camera and its memory card. The scanning process may take from several minutes to even couple of hours. Once the scanning completes, you can recover your lost photos and videos very fast.