SoundWire Windows 10 connection troubleshooting

SoundWire helps us stream any audio and music from PC to Android phones and tablets. It works with Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi and Android. In order to mirror or cast sound from computer to Android, you need to install SoundWire Server on PC and install SoundWire client on Android phone. Then connect to SoundWire Server using the SoundWire for Android. SoundWire for Windows gives the IP address which you can connect it. In SoundWire for Windows 10 however we found this IP address does not work. We can’t connect to SoundWire in Win 10 from the mobile device. After some research I found that it is possible to connect to your PC local IP other than the IP provided by SoundWire Server on your PC. So if anyone also run into the SoundWire on Windows 10 can’t be connected issue, you can follow these steps see if any luck.

Connect both your Windows 10 PC and Android phone to the same wi-fi network or wireless router. Then on the Windows 10 computer, right click on the Start icon, choose Command Prompt from the pop-up menu, the Command Prompt should open right away. Type in ‘ipconfig‘ and press Enter on the keyboard to execute the command. Find the IPv4 address in the Command Prompt, you can then find out your local IP address of the Windows 10 computer in your LAN.

soundwire android

Now on your Android device, run the Soundwire app. Enter the Windows 10 local IP address we found above, and then tap on the soundwire button above the IP address, you would be successfully connected to your SoundWire server on Windows 10.

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  1. What happens when the PC server app chooses the wrong IP address? I installed it with my VPN activated. Then killed the VPN and even uninstalled it, but same irrelevant IP address. Where is the server IP address held, and can I change it?

  2. IPv4 confirmed, exception added to Windows firewall and router firewall. I even bumped my audio down to 44200 per ap suggestion. Still no worky…

    1. What’s your phone model and android version please? do you get any error on the phone or PC?
      if nothing goes wrong, when you tap on the wire in white above the IP address field, you should see the wire turns red and the status of the SoundWire server on PC will become ‘connected’.

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