How to trim audios on computer?

Recently one of our software users asked if it was possible to cut long sound recordings when she had recorded sound on Windows 10 PC as the recordings are too big for sending via emails. The answer is yes. The Voice Recorder app allows you to trim sound recordings in Windows 10 without any third party apps or tools on your PC. In this article, we will show you how to easily trim, split or cut just any audios, music, sound recordings on your computer as a beginner using a professional media editor software.

How to split or trim audios, music, sound, voice recordings on computer?

Video Converter Ultimate is the only tool you will need. Download the free trial version on to your PC or Mac below and continue reading more details instructions.

Run the media converter on your PC, start by adding the source audio file to the media editor tool. Click the Edit button in the media file list area. On the media editing screen, you will see the Trim tab opens by default. Hit the Add Trim Maker button to show the left and right markers in the timeline and other options to specify Start Time, End Time and others.

split, cut, trim music, songs, audios, sound, voice recordings on computer

Drag the trim marker to select the starting and ending points of the audio file. Then click the button to play only the selected part of the sound file to help you confirm your selection. Finally click OK button to save the change and go back to the main interface of the media converter. Head to select the target audio format, should it be the same or a different format, from the Output Format section on the right. And click Convert button at the bottom right corner to save the selected part of the source sound recording, music, or audio file as a new file. The trimmed audio file can be found at the Output Folder of this media converter.

How to merge audios on computer?

Want to combine two or more sound recordings, music songs into one audio file? The above media converter tool can also help you with that. See more details from this guide to merge audios, music or sound recording on computer.