Split, trim videos on computer

Need to trim a very big video file on computer or split long videos into short clips? There are many free media converters can help. Handbrake is good one. It is free, cross-platform video transcoder to convert video from nearly any format to a selection of modern codecs. Check out these steps to trim videos using Handbrake on your computer.

Sometimes however you may find Handbrake does not support some videos or codecs. In this guide, we will introduce another more powerful video editor, Filmora, and how it can help us trim videos in easy steps on computer. We will use a AVI video which Handbrake failed to trim to show you how Filmora can trim or split it in an easier way on a Windows 10 PC.

Download Filmora from this page. It comes with both a free and a paid version. The free version will stamp a watermark on the output video. You can purchase a license to unlock the full version.

Install Filmora on your computer. Run Filmora, go to create a new project when asked. Click Import Media Files Here to import AVI or other video files from computer to the Media library of Filmora. Drag the video to the timeline at the lower section, when you see the resolution and frame rate of the media does not match the current project settings, click Match to Media to change the project settings to match.

If the AVI video is very long, drag the zoom in/out bar which is below the built-in media player and above the timeline to adjust timeline to be able to display the full video thumbnails in one screen. Drag and playhead in the timeline to quickly jump to any frame of the AVI video. Or drag the playback process bar below the built-in media player to quickly locate the position you want to trim or split. Zoom in the timeline to select the precise video frame in conjunction with the Backward and Forward buttons before the Play button.

split, trim video filmora editor for windows

Split, cut videos

Right click on the video clip in the timeline, choose Split from the pop-up menu to split a video into two parts, repeat the above steps to split the AVI video into three or more sections. You can then delete or cut off any video fragment, then merge the remaining sections into one video. Click Export button to save it as a new video in AVI or any other format you prefer.

Filmora even provides Windows and Mac users with the built-in Instant Cutter, the easiest way to split a video into multiple clips on computer.

Split videos into multiple clips using Filmora on Windows pc

Trim videos

When you have placed the playhead in the right position, right click the video in the timeline, choose Trim Start to Playhead or Trim End to Playhead. The Trim Start to Playhead option will split the video at the current frame and delete the part before the frame. Trim End to Playhead will split the video at the current frame and delete the part after the frame. When you have cut off the unwanted parts from the AVI video, go to export it as a new AVI, MP4, MOV or other video file you need from the video editor to your computer.

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